<gs>Dabi Hey everyone :D

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening AKUS kirbyheart

    A quick introduction of who I am, and why I wanted to join the GS team.

    My name is Dabi, originated from Chimera, but got kidnapped to Phoenix (nosebleed). I live in the Netherlands (CEST), and I’m currently 18 years old.

    My hobby’s are reading manga, watchning anime, listen to music (kpop, hip-hop) and play games of course, and hangout with friends.

    I started playing Aura Kingdom In December 2016, my first class I’ve ever made was Tachi/shuriken.

    My active characters are

    <gs>Dabi Lv. 91 Tachi/Shuriken

    Heito Lv. 83 Shuriken/Holy Sword

    Desires Lv. 80 Gunslinger/shuriken

    BreathIess Lv. 61 Brawler/shuriken

    Why I wanted to join the GS team?

    Helping people is something I enjoy, and I wanted to be there for the community and help there where it’s needed. I also got inspired by some ex-SGS’s, who helped me a lot whenever I had questions or what so ever. But also because I like to host events, I thought it would be lots of fun if I ever got the chance to host events in the future. Aside of these reasons, I would also love to help and improve the experience of everyone. So I’m looking forward to help those who need help, or those who have questions. So I’ll be doing my best to support the GS’s in Phoenix, and I can’t wait for them to teach me what is needed.

    So that includes my intro as trainee game sage, if you ever have questions feel free to message me on discord, I’ll try to answer questions asap. My Discord ID: Dabi#3366.

    PS: I like hamsters and cats caaat

    ezxNtvg.pngServer: Phoenix
    IGN: Dabi, Heito, Ten, Deku, Red
    LvL:95, 96, 99, 96, 90, 95

    Discord: Heito#4689