How to Mirabelle for Lv60+ players

  • Written by: _SoGeBu_


    Ever since they were introduced, the "new" Mirabelle quests have been helping me and many players to level their new characters, alts or old characters to Lv75 for current content.

    But I've also seen many people who don't know how to enable the quests or that there are new quests even. There's also the people who don't read patch notes (smh), or the people who are returning from a hiatus and don't know about newer things, so I guess a quick guide wouldn't hurt.

    So, what are those "new" Mirabelle quests about?

    Shamelessly stealing from the patch notes (shout out to a certain Doge, thanks for the hard work /o/):

    But, do people even know which quests are those? I bet most won't, so here's a quick checklist of what do you actually need to do to enable the quests:

    1.- Have a character that is at least Lv60, but lower than Lv81.

    New characters will be able to get the quests as soon as they reach 60. Older characters will get this chance as soon as you log them.

    Characters Level 81 and over CANNOT do these Quests. They're intended to help you Level to 80 (current content) as soon as possible. They're NOT intended to help you reach Lv90, so please grind like everyone else once you're 81 /o/

    2.- Complete the quest Lv60: Miyol's Request.

    This quest pops up in the middle of the screen with a bright orange exclamation mark. If you don't see said exclamation mark and can't find it anywhere, press ESC and click the "Reset UI" button. This solves it 99% of the times. If it doesn't, send a ticket.

    Once you do the above 2 steps, you're set to do the new quests... As long as you meet the requirements, which happen to be the following:

    If your Character is Lv60 or higher, but below Lv66:

    Complete ALL main quests in Ventos Prairie, Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert. Doing so will let you accept the quest Lv60: Harbinger of War. Complete this quest to enable the quests.

    If your Character is Lv66 or higher, but below Lv71:

    Complete ALL main quests in Rainmist Reach and Emerald Marsh. That's it /o/

    If your Character is Lv71 or higher, but below Lv76:

    Complete all main quests in Starstruck Plateau and Silent Ice Field. Once you do, you should get a quest to talk to Victoria in Navea. Complete that quest and you're set.

    If your Character is Lv76 or higher, but below Lv81:

    Complete the main quests in Desolate Valley. (This means, absolutely ALL main quests in current content.)

    After completion, you should get an orange exclamation mark in the middle of your screen. Click it to take the quest Lv76: Mirabelle's Missive. Talk to Mirabelle to complete the quest and gain access to the new dailies.

    If you can't find said exclamation mark, reset your UI so it goes back to the middle of your screen.

    So, where do you take the quests?

    With Mirabelle of course! But not the Bulletin Board: The actual NPC Mirabelle has some new quests for you!

    Talking to her should reveal five quests.

    You get different quests depending on your level bracket.

    The Level 60 Quests include:

    - Clearing Otherworld: Alabastren Temple solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Gydaie Glen solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Miner's Steppe solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Port Skandia solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing any of the Mirabelle's Bulletin Board quests once.

    Level 66 quests include:

    - Clearing Otherworld: Alabastren Temple solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Gydaie Glen solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Miner's Steppe solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Titan's Root solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Cadilla Felwood solo/challenge mode once.

    Level 71 quests consist of:

    - Clearing Otherworld: Candeo Core solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Otherworld: Deep's Cavern solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing Frozenlea Plains solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clearing 5 floors of Hall of Philae (found in the entrance of Ozymand Temple), and talking to Wilt in the 6th floor before leaving the instance.

    - Clearing Holy Land of Gaia solo once, either path. (There's a different quest for each path, so double-check which one you took!)

    Level 76 quests require to:

    - Clear Twilight Forest solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clear Otherworld: Titan's Root solo/challenge mode once.

    - Clear Otherworld: Cadilla Felwood solo/challenge once.

    Yep, there's only three Lv76+ quests. Better than nothing /o/


    As you can see, you don't need a party to do these quests. They give monstruous amounts of EXP (the Lv71 ones give like 30.45 million EXP each), so you level up very quick!

    Running Port Skandia gives you a bunch of fortification scrolls and secret stones too, while running Hall of Philae helps you with your Archaeology level and gives a lot of Mastery EXP for your Weapon Mastery paths, so doing these quests is win-win.

    Once you reach Lv81, these quests will disappear and you'll have to start running dungeons and daily quests like the rest of the population, but thanks to these Mirabelle quests you can catch up to the current content really fast.

    Hey, but I'm already Level 7* and I don't get any quests! What happened?

    Perhaps there's a main quest you're missing!

    Check your quest journal to see which main quests you haven't done. Perhaps you don't meet the requirements to accept the quests, or perhaps you didn't click the exclamation mark because you can't find it.

    The journal always has the answer /o/


    I hope this clears the misunderstandings on what are the quests and how to take them. Now go and grind!