Rise's Sky Tower 16 - 20 Tips/Guide + Video

  • Written by: kaifen.trann


    This isn't your perfect guide, but I mean it's enough info to get you through. Overall 16 - 20 isn't hard at all, the release of 11 - 15 was much more difficult.

    Elixers, elemental dmg headgear cards, and a team made this clear possible and quicker, as we cleared our first run in an hour and 24 minutes.

    Here's our ST run video from 7/12/2014 Day 1 of 1 - 20

    Video isn't perfect, so yeah.

    Floor 16

    Items to Have:

    - Elixir of Storm

    - 18% more damage to Storm Headgear Card

    - Start on left side of Map

    - Have to drag the Cactus on top of the fire, to break the Boss's Shield.

    - Once shield is broken pull boss to the left side of the checkerboard, once shield is back up EVERYONE must glide across right side of the map so the boss will follow and walk over the fire to take down the shield. (Rinse and repeat)

    - Don't keep in middle because there are Cactus' in all corners of the map. They shoot a linear storm attack and it hurts.

    - Fire Pit in middle will damage you.

    - Periodically there will be a "Cactus on Fire" that is spawned. It must be killed within 20 seconds, or it will blow up and everyone will die.

    - If you turn into a Cactus, Hold 1 HALFWAY THEN LET GO. IF you hold 1 for full bar, you will die in 1 shot.

    Floor 17:

    Items to Have:

    - Elixir of Darkness

    - 18% more damage to Darkness Headgear Card

    - Gram has skill that will puts anyone high in the sky, squadmate must save you with the gold buff.

    - There will be 4 gold areas on the four corners of the map, this will give you 3 skills. 1 : Pull crystal | 2 : Save teammate | 3 : Abandon

    - One person in each squad should have the gold buff

    - Healing crystal : red

    - Invincible crystal : blue

    - Summon mob crystal : purple

    - Split up in positions, save teammates, destroy crystals, kill boss.

    - Dodge AoEs, deal tons of dmg.

    - Turn off players, focus on your squad only

    - Keep Gram in the center

    Don't have photo of teammate in air, no one from my squad was unfortunate. :(

    Floor 18:

    Items to Have:

    - Elixir of Ice

    - 18% more damage to Ice Headgear Card

    - Has Ice Form, Fire Form, Storm Form, and Normal Form

    If she is in Regular Form, do NOT attack her. Everyone should be at the entrance. Only tanks should be next to her. Tanks should not attack her either because she will turn you into a Tanuki/slow continously.

    - Periodically when boss is done walking around, she will spawn Ice Orb, Flame Orb, and Storm Orb around the board.

    - Lure boss on top of Ice Orb to change her to the Ice Form

    - As much as possible get everyone to stand on or around the Ice Orbs.

    - Flame does Tons of Damage, Wind has stupid AOE storm that knocks you around the map and does tons of damage and you won't be able to see.

    Repeat this process 8 (SEVEN) Times to kill her. Do NOT attack the boss while she is in NORMAL Form. She can be killed in any form (Fire, Ice, or Storm) but NOT NORMAL.

    Ice Form is preferable, cause it's least painful.

    - Everytime the boss dies, it will switch back to NORMAL FORM, everyone should run back to entrance EXCEPT TANKS. Repeat 8 times to beat floor.

    Floor 19:

    - Do not stand outside checker board. stand INSIDE on the bottom left side of the board.

    - Don't get hit by AoE or you will take 1% total HP Damage. It stacks. Debuff can only be removed by people collecting Blues.

    - After a certain amount of Glitters are collected you'll complete the floor. You will be noted every 20% on your progress


    - Gold Buff: 4 Tanks + 1 perosn with really high HP (To be determined) should gather the GOLD GLISTENING BUFF. STAY ON MOUNT

    - Red Buff: All DPS should have Red. Red is to Destroy Umbras on map. DO NOT GET HIT!!

    - Blue Buff: Blue is to heal. Blue will change your skills as well, but all skills you get are Heal or Debuff.

    Floor 20:

    Items to Have:

    - Elixir of Darkness

    - Elixir of Divinity

    - 18% more damage to Darkness Headgear Card

    - 18% more damage to Holy Headgear Card

    - Stay out of Bealdor's Golden Shower, it will do damage to you.

    - Dish out as much DPS before it goes into it's invunlerable form.

    - Boss spawns Angels, Angels should be gathered by tanks and DPS all of them down together/or dps seperately to avoid black AOE from covering the floor everywhereeeeeeeeee.

    - Person that Last Hit's Angel will have Purple Skull. Purple skull will follow you. Lead the Purple Skull to the Holy Bealdor, and it will hit the boss.

    - Another tank should gave Bealdor's dark clone and keep it off in the side until all angels are down. Once all angels are down focus the clone and drag the last skull to Bealdor.

    - He will then become vulnerable again (rise and repeat)

    *NOTE: Clone has a really stupid skill that will grab you and keep you on the ground (this skill doesn't hurt unless you're on top of one of the aoes)

    The 2nd grab will pull you up and squeeze you 5k a tick (high possible of death)

    Anyways, enjoy the guide and goodluck with your raid!

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