Cruisin' with CM Adrivian



    Hello there fellow envoys hehehehe

    You ready for our fun plans tomorrow? Yes? No?

    Wait... Do you even know what’s happening?!!?

    If you haven’t read the post about it on the website, then I’ll just tell you again!

    We gon’ be cruisin’ with CM Adrivian hypee

    And who knows, if we impress him enough, we may even get a few visitors sauriorawr


    So hop onto your mounts and make sure to join us around 12PM server time tomorrow, May 5th! Phoenix will be visited first and Chimera will be after. Map and channel will be announced later on by Adrivian on the Discord and through in-game announcements.

    Hope to see you there! rudecat1

  • Does Adri have a license tho alice_derp

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