[Guide] Lucianne's Guide to Hunting Mushrooms!

  • Written by: Luuuce


    Luce's Mushroom Hunting Guide

    Have you ever walked around in Navea/dungeons/wherever and saw mushrooms walking and flying around, and thought, how did they become mushrooms?

    Exhibit 1

    Exhibit 2

    Well, since the new patch on 6/2/2015, with the release of the new dungeon Titan's Root, there's a -secret- collecting area for mushrooms, which will give you a usable item to turn yourself into a mushroom. There are two kinds; the Dried Yellow Mushrooms are a one-time use only, while the Yellow Mushrooms are permanent. These mushrooms can be clicked, like when you're gathering materials for food or quests. Just hover your cursor on top of it.

    Dried Yellow Mushroom (you get them in stacks of 5 or 10)

    Yellow Mushroom (doesn't give you hallucinations)

    So there are three spots in Titan's Root solo mode that you can farm these mushrooms. Please note that the mushrooms only appears in solo mode (not solo challenge/parties/hells). However, the dried yellow mushrooms and the yellow mushrooms can only be obtained from SPOT 3. The other two spots are duds. I have taken pictures of the three spots below and circled the exact part of the map.

    Mushroom Spot 1

    The first spot is located at an "alleyway" that is filled with mushrooms, just at the section of the map where you fight Awaydas (the second blue devil-like boss). The map is below:

    This section of the map looks like this:

    Here you can find a yellow mushroom, but this is a dud! It will look like this:

    This mushroom will either (a) turn you into a mushroom for about a minute or two or (b) split into small mushrooms which will attack you. Neither of those two events give you any mushrooms.

    Mushroom Spot 2

    The second spot is located just as you walk up the "stone steps" to head on to the next part after fighting Awaydas. The map is below:

    The section of the map looks like this:

    Here you can find a blue mushroom, but this is also a dud. It will look like this:

    In this case, this mushroom will (again...) turn you into a mushroom for a while, and not give you any mushrooms in return.

    Mushroom Spot 3

    The third and correct spot is located just after the "stone steps" that I mentioned earlier. Usually, to move on along the dungeon, you head to the right. Instead of turning right, turn left to head into this spot. The map is below:

    The section of the map looks like this:

    Here you can find a blue mushroom, which looks the same as the one that you may find in the second dud spot:

    You can hover your cursor on top of a mushroom to gather it, and when you finish gathering, it will move around to another spot nearby (still in the same area, just like one or two steps away). You need to gather it repeatedly about 20 or so times, and then a notice will appear saying that a yellow mushroom has appeared (note: it will look like the one in the first dud spot). If you're doing it right, your character will start to grumble about how this whole thing is a waste of time.

    When you gather the final yellow mushroom, you will either get (a) a stack of 5 dried yellow mushrooms, (b) a stack of 10 dried yellow mushrooms, or (c) one yellow mushroom. Please note, the spots that will appear in your map is completely random (i.e. it can be only one of those 3 spots), and even if the mushroom in the third spot appears, the drop rates for the yellow mushroom depends purely on luck.

    Good luck and have fun mushroom hunting! :D