[AKUS] In-Game GS Events Guide

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    In-Game GS Events Guide

    Greetings Envoys!

    In this guide, rules and mechanics for events done by Game Sages in our respective servers will be explained for everyone to easily follow through in future events. Although it is common knowledge that our GSs explain the basic rules and mechanics of the event to be held right before it starts, I thought it would be easier everyone to know them beforehand.


    Universal Rules And Mechanics for Events (URME)

    1. There will be ten (10) rounds per event excluding Fashion Show.
    2. An account can only win once per event unless otherwise stated by the host GS. Cheating done by participating via different characters will have that account's rewards be voided.
    3. Everyone can use any source/s or reference/s in order to obtain the answer/s needed.
    4. All Events, except "Finish the Lyrics" will be related to Aura Kingdom.
    5. Everyone can participate in the event at anytime regardless of server origination as long as URME #2 applies.
      • Example: You are originally from Chimera server and there's gonna be an event in Phoenix. You are allowed to participate in that server's event with your character in Phoenix on the same account. May or may not apply anymore due to server merge.
      • Note: The Terms of Service will apply.
    6. Rewards per event will vary per month. They will be updated and changed on a monthly basis.

    Event schedule of the Month

    Join our Discord Server to see the list of rewards every month!


    The Events

    A Game Sage event (GS event) is an event prepared and hosted by the community Game Sages. Most events are done in world chat so everyone knows it's happening and everyone can participate at any time. Each event is independent of each other and other Game Sages do not know the content and/or answers to another Game Sage's event. What are Game Sages anyways? Visit this link to find out!

    Below are a few points we'd like to say:

    • GSs will announce the event in-game via World Chat and in our Discord Server within an hour before it starts to notify players
    • The schedule may also change depending on the host GS’s availability to host the event since real life interruptions are, most of the time, unavoidable
    • GSs from other servers may visit your server to host an event. Why? Because, why not? blushnana
    • Feedback is very much accepted. Please do remember, we try to make the event challenging for both new and old players. If we don't, there's no point in making events or giving out rewards if no effort has been done
    • Events marked as [Inactive] means that it has been deprecated and will not be done by the Game Sages anymore


    Currently Available Events:


    ~ Appreciation Corner ~

    I would like to extend my gratitude to the current GS team and the staff for being ever supportive with our events. I would also like to thank the past GSs and staff members for making and hosting most of the events we have right now! Without them, this wouldn't even be happening. Finally, thank you to you for participating and having fun with us when we host the event. You're the most important part of it!

    If you have any other questions, the FAQs post is made below this one. You can also post any other questions not covered here down below or you may contact me here personally or through Discord! Rio#4417

    pacayey ~ Have fun in Aura Kingdom ~ pacaspy

    Disclaimer: English isn't my first language. If it sucks, pls tell me ty sobs

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q1: I won but I haven't received my prizes yet?

    A1: Prizes are manually distributed by CMs when they have time. If you won over the weekend, the prizes may be sent around next week or so.

    Q2: How do I receive my prize?

    A2: Prizes are sent via the item mall cart. Press I on your keyboard or press this Cart icon WI29G7E.png at the right side bottom of your screen.

    Q3: I'm from Chimera and I won an event on Phoenix on my account. How can I receive my prize on Chimera instead?

    A3: Prizes are sent via the item mall cart in-game so you can take the item from whichever server you choose.

    Q4: What if I already got my prizes from the item mall cart? Can I transfer it again to the other server?

    A4: Unfortunately, no you can't. Once taken, it's in that server forever until it's used, consumed and/or discarded.

    Q5: Will I be notified when my prizes have arrived?

    A5: Unfortunately no, so you'll have to keep an eye on that cart if you're anticipating it.

    Q6: A Game Sage won the event? What?

    A6: GSs not involved in the event can also win fair and square since they are normal players too. We don't know each other's events as each event is prepared separately by the GS who's hosting it.

    Q7: The times when the events are hosted are always opposite of mine. Why is that?

    A7: This is due to the availability of the host GS and a difference in timezone. Some may work around the time to cover it up for others if it has been noticed to be done too frequently.