Help returning player with gearing up (Level 67)

  • Hi, everyone.

    So I used to play a few years back, and I've since started playing again. Where I last left off, I got to level 60, and I was in the process of getting my Level 60 gear. I'm currently wearing full Devourer armour, and I'm (shamefully) using a Level 50 weapon Tachi of the First Village.

    When I stopped playing, I was in the process of trying to get my Level 60 Beholder's Tachi, but the mobs weren't dropping the rare materials I needed.

    After being back in the game for a couple of days, doing some of the daily overworld and fame quests, and a little bit of continuing the main quest, I've gotten to Level 67. It feels like I'm leveling really quickly, and I'm just wondering at what level should I focus on upgrading my gear?

    I'm not too sure whether I should try and get my Level 65 stuff now, or since I'm close, go for Level 70. As I'm progressing the main quest, the enemies are starting to hit me harder since I'm wearing low-level gear.

    Could someone recommend what armour, weapon and accesories I should focus on getting, please? I want to group up with other players and do the group stuff, but I don't want to let the group down with weak DPS due to gear etc, so atm I've just been doing daily quests and the main story to level up. I'd really appreciate help in picking what gear I should get.

  • Hellu and welcome back to AK!

    Yea lots of stuff has changed, also the amounts of xp you need to level up. (XP Curve got changed a few times since u left). Which means that it is really easy to reach lvl 70+, even lvl 80 without any problems.

    Pre 80:

    I recommend working on gear from lvl 70+ (you can farm the sniper-set (top | bottom) farms in the dungeons now, they drop coreless). You just need to farm a set. After that it should be really easy to beat down the mainquest till lvl 80.

    Important: In Frozenlea Plains (lvl 70) you can start farming your Guzi-Trophy. That one is quite essential, since you will use it even in endgame builds.

    Weapon, any works I guess.

    After Level 80:

    Which is the level you should start farming towards the Lordswrath Set (you can exchange the recipes for 30k Gold dragonpoints each [which u can farm in solos and group dungeons]). If you have hard times in solos, you can continue farming and starring the sniper set, that will help your gold dragonpoint grind).

    For accessories you want to go for the Perfect War set (can get it the same way as lordswrath). The level 80 DPS pvp accessories/Fatal-Toxin-Set (Spider King's Fang, Nemeon's Cloak, Gainey's Gastrolith) could help pre-Perfect War-Set, if you need more dmg in the dungeons.

    As 2nd trophy beside ur Guzi-tooth, you want to aim for the Time Travel Code, the recipe for that you get in Gaia-Chronicle Luckypacks (takes some strong eidos), or you simply buy it in Auction House whenever you have gold for it.(

    For weapon you want to focus to get a storm element Ghodroon Tachi (the greens you can farm in Averice Abyss).

    That's all for now. Maybe consider going Shuriken sub. It's gud

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  • Thank you so much for all of the information! That's exactly what I needed, I really appreciate it~ :)

    Yeah, a lot really has changed since I've been gone! I'm really glad they raised the cap for fragments from 9999 to 30K, aha

    I'll give Shuriken a go, I had a Scythe for my sub when I last played. The problem I have when it comes to subs is I tend to focus on my Tachi abilities more and neglect the others. Are there any Shuriken abilities you would recommend I definitely use when trying it out?

    Thanks again for all the info!

  • Per the level 80 accessory recommendation, Perfect War is great, but I'd possibly recommend Arcane Frost more to an ungeared, new, and/or likely lower prayer completion player/account; if not outright then I'd at least list it as an option. I say that as someone who used and preferred Perfect War back then (and quit before I upgraded from it), by the way.

  • For Shuri-Sub you want to use razorwind on bosses or to clear large amount of mobs. Shuri element is also Storm.

    but I'd possibly recommend Arcane Frost more

    I am still using those on my alt actually, and in my opinion, PW is still better. SPD values can come from others sources like weapon mastery (at least at the beginning of gearing up). I came to the conclusion that the effect of PW benefit more for killing Elites (since early on the crit dmg to elites and crit % aren't much high). It's also kinda double work and costs, since Perfect War will be better later on too.

    But yea, I guess linking it won't hurt anyone.

    Aarek  Here is the link to Arcane Frost

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  • Perfect War's only meaningful benefit is elite damage. You're going to likely need speed investment at the start anyway, and it's best to get away from that as soon as possible, because then you can shift points to elemental damage (or whatever else). The speed will be more versatile with new players, is better in Time Library, and some of the upcoming dungeons (like the level 95 Lament and Otherworld versions of Shattered Netherworld and Chronowood Cavern) have rather heavy reductions too, so looking forward, Arcane Frost is likely a safer option.

    Back in their time, yes, Perfect War was great for all of us with the gold to afford their ridiculous quadruple the price premium, and with the high prayers, achievements, profession stats, geared characters, etc. (we're quick to forget how much we don't need a certain stat when we get so much of it from sources these players we recommend to will not have), but things are different now, debuffs are more common and going higher, and when regarding a new player, Arcane Frost is no longer just the "cheaper but the same thing lacking a benefit" worse alternative that it was always wrongly seen as. Again, I'm not advising against Perfect War so much as I was a bit surprised you only recommended it.