First time "Holy vs. Evil"

  • I'll use this thread as my "first time"-feedback of the revamp of the new "Valley of the Glorious Battle" aka "Holy vs. Evil".

    Two days ago I was asked to join the next day's "Good vs. Evil". I wasn't really sure about, but here it is:

    Short description for people who didn't play it yet:

    Due to people never joining "Valley of the Glorious Battle", Aeria Games decided to revamp the game mode.
    In this new game mode "Holy vs Evil", everyone play gets into one of the two sides - Holy or Evil. Depending on which side, you either play Humans and Envoys or Friendly Races from the Game (Holy), or you play as Monster (Evil). The goal is, to slay the opposing side and take down towers to archive points. The kill count gets add up towards your PVP-Medal.

    In my opinion a very very very very nice change. I did love Valley back when people joined it. But there were always those overgeared people that took less than 5 mins to capture all flags, without even being scratched. This new game mode takes the full 20 minutes. Even if you are on the loosing side, you still have much fun. Grouping up is the goal to win this game. And it's really fun if two groups clash! My favorit part is at 7:30 !

    At the beginning it was a bit weird, due to not being able to jump at all. The skills all have more cool down, than the characters of those classes I play. So you can see me press the same button many times without anything happening. Also the orbs on the ground are useless as always, you can see me trying to pick some up in the video.

    In my opinion it's really hard to tell for the humans, which person as which class at the moment. This is because their nameplate still shows their out-of-battlefield class. And in combat it's hard to remember how the classes look in the game mode! (Maybe that changes, if I join more often, which I probably will). I didn't make use of the items of the NPCs in the base, because - even tho I was told to - I simply forgot it xD, maybe next time!

    My conclusion is, that Aeria did a good job with this game mode. At first I wasn't really fond of them taking away my favorit game mode for PVP... But then again - noone joined there anyway. This game mode is a great way for EVERYONE to have fun and farm Valor Coins. Just the other rewards kinda suck.
    I'll probably will try out Centurion next.

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