Patch Notes 42

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    Patch 42 is applied the 23rd of May 2018!


    New Eidolon: Hebe

    Adjusted XP curve

    Eidolon Oath System

    New events


    Hebe is not only the Goddess of Youth but also a talented musician. The sound of her harp can touch your very soul. She spreads her youthful vitality wherever she goes. She decides to go and see the Envoy of Gaia in order to understand mortal coil better. Hebe's Harp is also pretty useful in combat. A few notes from her harp can freeze her enemies and leave them completely unable to move. She can also choose to tune a different melody that decreases the enemy's attack. Finally, Hebe's music can also heal her allies and restore their HP.

    Stars buff:

    • ✩ Max HP +10%
    • ✩✩ Damage taken -5%
    • ✩✩✩ Damage taken -10%
    • ✩✩✩✩ Max HP +20%

    Skills of Hebe:

    • Snowflake Storm: Stuns target for 3 sec.
    • Sounds of Nature: Target’s DMG -10 for 6 sec.
    • Dynamic Music: Nearby party members recover HP per second for 6 sec.


    Get ready for what? To grind high end dungeons and ……!?!?

    A new XP curve adjustment hit the server! But that’s not all - new Mirabelle quests came along with it!

    The new set of Mirabelle quests is for level 86~90.

    All you have to do to unlock them is quest Lv86 The Ever Shining Light.

    Happy leveling!


    • You can oath to any Eidolon to evolve it to 4 ✩
    • Each oath requires 1x Eidolon Oath Ring
    • Prerequisites for the oath:
      • Eidolon needs to be level 80
      • Eidolon needs to be 3 ✩
      • Eidolon needs to be fed until all 3 ✩ are activated
    • All golden Eidolon accessories are now called Eidolon Token
      • Each token can only be equipped by the correct Eidolon
      • All Eidolons can now equip 2 orange Eidolon accessories and their Eidolon Token


    • Eidolon Guild Hall Event has ended

    There is the possibility to bring it back (even with different Eidolons), if the demand is high enough

    • Elite Sky Tower and Sky Realm Drop event has started (will end with the next patch)

    Lot’s of different items can be dropped - even items relevant for the 4✩-system!

    • A special boss on Viridian Steppe (X:556 Y:389) will spawn every 12 hours after death (until next patch)

    Upon death you will receive a mail with goodies!

    • Gaia Chronicle Event

    Each special stage has a chance to spawn a chest to drop all kinds of Eidolon tokens


    • Movespeed by transformations in Centurion Battlefield and Good vs Evil has been increased by 25% for each transformation
    • Car mounts are now driven correctly and not ridden like a horse
    • Items Custom Noble Evening Gown (F) and Custom Winged Guard Suit (M) are now dyeable

    We hope you enjoy the new patch and its content!

    Happy gaming!

    j9e8rQQ.pngGood night Mr. Snuggles, I love you!

  • On the 30th of May 2k18 maintenance we added the following fixes:

    - Eidolon EXP curve has been adjusted

    - The Muramasa and Izanami Eidolon wish achievements are now visible (they were working before but were not visible)


    j9e8rQQ.pngGood night Mr. Snuggles, I love you!

  • Eidolon Oath:

    Any more infos to the 4 star Eidolon Buffs?

    Which Eido has what buff?

    How do we reroll it?

    How many Eidolons can we oath?

    Which way do we obtain the oath ring?


    How do we show demand for the eidolon-guildhall summon?

    Can we vote for the next Eidolons to be the next summons?


    Did everyone get a free entry to EST this week?

    Which drops are special ones?


    I've seen some pictures going around in discord... So can confirm, that this one is right?


    The patchnotes used to be far more detailed rudecat6

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  • Guildhall-Summons

    How do we show demand for the eidolon-guildhall summon?

    Can we vote for the next Eidolons to be the next summons?

    nice idea /o/


    I've seen some pictures going around in discord... So can confirm, that this one is right?


    add to that the question about the xp amount a character has..will the amount be adjusted to the current curve and get reduced or stay the same and we get (hopefully) some little increase? px

  • This... this is... disappointing. And I'm already used to be disappointed and I am a disappointment myself. But wow, I underestimated you guys.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.

  • EST
    21 - Advanced Pet Improving Potion (Non-Tradable) x 10
    22 - Secret Stone Randomizer x 10
    23 - Avaricious Little Nian x 1
    24 - Unique Avaricious Little Nian x 1
    25 - Prism Crystal x 15
    26 - Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) x 2
    27 - Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 2
    28 - Four-star Eidolon Purification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 1
    29 - 4-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll x 1
    30 - Eidolon Ring x 1
    31 - Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) x 2
    32 - Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 2
    33 - Four-star Eidolon Purification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 1
    34 - 4-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll x 1
    35 - Eidolon Ring x 1
    36 - Mount Stat Shuffle Stone (Non-Tradable) x 2
    37 - Superior Armor Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 2
    38 - Four-star Eidolon Purification Scroll (Non-Tradable) x 2
    39 - 4-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll x 2
    40 - Eidolon Ring x 2

  • You can oath all eidolons and all 4 star buffs are updated on AKDB up to Hebe, they're really just double of the 1-star buff. The XP table was made off the resulting curve values that the French server got (which we also got) so yes this is correct and it matches exactly to TW's XP curve. No adjustments made this time since the point of it is to get everyone access to the upcoming LV90 dungeons.

    Just get the masses to tell Scar what your thoughts on towards the guild hall event, such as drop rates (did you get a key in 30 boxes etc), tediousness of the event, fair play for smaller guilds, etc.

    4-star rerolls will come from EST, they will not be tradable but the Eidolon Oath Rings will be tradable. Most likely PM will place on tier after people have experienced how low the rates are (and Scar says they'll be pretty low) IYKWIM.

    Nobody gets a free EST entry. If you didn't do it last week, you're just gonna have to wait till next week.

  • I am commenting to express demand for the toe/trial quest event! :D I would love to see this again in future.

    I think it's great that it's a limited time event and you can change the eidos featured in future to maintain interest. I was quite relieved to take a break from grinding toe/trial after it ended, whilst looking forward to the next one.

    A lot of people I talked to were disappointed that the quests were gated behind a higher level requirement than the dungeon itself.

    Also, I wonder if next time the quests for Light and Dark could instead be a single quest for completing Light or Dark? There was always the worries that either 1) I could choose the wrong path by accident and fail the quest of everybody in my party and 2) we might recruit a troll who would chose the wrong path on purpose.

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