[Guide] The DoT Factor

  • Written by: KurysFlame [How your stats effect DoTs (Last edit: 3/6/14)]


    This guide is only for DoT damage. If you want to skip the math, go to the part labeled, "Final Equation." So far it only explains how to calculate the damage, but I plan to add a part in optimal stat alloction when I have time/ stop being lazy.

    What effects DoTs: Speed, Damage Stat Points, and Crit (rate and damage)


    Here's what we've all been told.

    0% speed = 1 tick a second.

    10% speed = tick every .9 seconds.

    30% speed = tick every .8 seconds.

    This means over 100 seconds...

    10% speed = 111.11 ticks. Raises damage about 11%.

    30% speed = 125 ticks. Raises damage by 25%.

    One point in SPD raises it .30%. To find out if speed is worth your time for DoT damage, starting from 0 points invested in speed, if under 10% speed divide 11 by .35 or the number from the damage part of your crit equation (crit damage-100%). If the smaller of those two is greater than the amount of points needed to reach 10% speed, then it's a good investment. If under 30%, divide the number 14 instead. This actually isn't entirely accurate as the boost in speed will compound with the boosts from your other stats. But as the only dps SPD increases consistently is DoT damage (unless you count less cooldown for stronger skills), this is still probably a good check for if it's a good investment. Basically, if it only takes a few points to hit the next tick boost, it's probably gonna increase your DoT dps.

    Damage Stat Points

    Your DoT is increased .35 for every stat point invested. According to the character simulator I have 64 attack stat points at my disposal at lvl 50, 84 at lvl 60, just to give an idea. So let's look at some investing.

    20 points: 7%

    30 points: 10.5%

    40 points, 14%

    64 points, 22.4%

    84 points, 29.4%

    That's a lot of points invested, but not to worry just yet. The great thing about how DMG stat points effect your DoT is it's there for good. You don't need to maintain a certain percentage every time you lvl. Also, all other ways to increase DoT damage can be done through gear. This is the only factor that requires actual stat point investment.


    Crit increases damage X * .01 per a percentage point where X = your crit damage - 100%. So if my crit damage is at 150%, X=.5. If I have 50% crit rate, my dps will increase 25%. If I have 300% crit damage and 50% crit rate, my dps will increase 200%. Note, you start with 100% dps. Every increase is added on top. That 200% added means you are hitting 300% of base damage.

    Here's how I figured it out. If you have 0% crit rate and 100 damage a DoT tick, you get 10,000 damage. This = 100% of your damage. Now, if I have 1% crit rate and my crit damage is 150%, I add 50 to my total damage due to that 1 hit which deals 150 damage instead of 100. Damage is now 10,050. This is 100.5%.

    CRIT goes up .25% for every stat point. To tell if you get more DoT dps from investment in CRIT or DMG, take a look at the damage part of your crit equation (crit damage-100%). It takes 4 points invested in CRIT to get that boost. If this number is greater than 1.4, it provides a greater boost than putting the points in DMG.

    Some important things to remember. For the most solid results, stop at a % you can round down to a small fraction. 50% crit rate means you on average crit once every 2 hits. You could also use 20%(1/5), 25%(1/4), 33.33%(1/3), 40%(2/5) and so on. This will not increase your dps. It will make your dps more consistant somewhat.

    Also, as you get more and more crit you will start getting a bit less bang for your buck. We are very rarely going to get all 100 hits in. If I hit 5 and all of them crit, no ammount of crit rate is going to increase my dps. Personally, I see the rate of diminishing return somewhat less for DoTs since these will likely be making a good deal more hits than you yourself are.

    Final Equation

    First, convert everything that factors in into the percentage increase in your dps. Then, simply multiply everything. So:

    Stat points in DMG * .35% + 100%

    [Crit Rate * (Crit DMG -100%)]/100+100%

    10% SPD = 111.11%, 30% SPD =125%


    • stat 30 points invested in DMG = 110.5%.

      Crit at 33% and crit damage at 155% = 33 * .55 = 18.15, 118.15%.

      SPD at 30% = 125%

      Total = 1.105 * 1.1815 * 1.25 = 1.6319, 163.19%

    • Change the crit damage to 200% in the last one. The one percentage we need to change is that 118.15% for investment in crit to 133%

      Total=1.105 * 1.33 * 1.25 = 1.837, 183.7%

    • Another example more crit focused with 200 crit damage. We stacked all our points in crit, also missing the 10% speed mark. No boost from SPD or DMG in this one.

      crit at 60% and crit damage at 200% = 60 * 1.0 = 160%

    • Last example, just for all the crit fanatics out there. Similar to the previous example, we have no investment in SPD or DMG.

      Crit at 60% and crit damage at 300% = 60 * 2.0 = 220%.

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    Added since last edit: Tried correcting the crit/crit damage equation. I believe though it didn't take much to tell what I meant, it wasn't really the correct way to write it. If anyone knows a better way to tell people when/how to convert percentage, please tell me...