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    1. Hello, I have a question ... About the elements, what actually increases my dmg and my abilities of the same type? I'm gonna explain ...
    2. I see a lot of people telling me that I need to buy a mount that's against the wind element (I'm Ronin)
    3. Does this actually increase my damage from wind skills?
    4. I know there are buffs of eidolons and others, which actually increase the % dmg of wind skills, but the question is whether those with a description of "DMG x% against x targets" increase my damage only against mobs of this element, or if they really influence in my general dmg against everything (of course, knowing that I would be using a buff from my element)
    5. And adding, I would also like to understand the difference of having a weapon with the correct element of the class and not having.
    6. Sorry for the bad english, I use google translator
  • There are two different kinds of elemenal dmg:

    DMG against element


    DMG of element-Skill

    With element being one of: Dark, Holy, Storm, Lightning, Fire, Ice.


    DMG against element:

    Example: You get a mount with +30% DMG against Storm. That means you do +30% more dmg against targets with storm element.

    You can see the element of the enemies right beside their level in form of a small icon.


    Or even before you enter the dungeon (at least for bosses)

    pasted-from-clipboard.pngDMG of element-Skill:

    Example: You get a mount with +30% DMG of Storm Skills. This would boost your own storm element skill Black Swallow (cause you said you are Ronin).

    Optimal is when you have both. The DMG of element-Skill for violent (no-element) bosses (and when you are too lazy to swap mount) AND the DMG against x Element, for facing the bosses of element x.

    pasted-from-clipboard.pngExample: These are the elementals I use: DMG of Storm Skill, DMG against: Holy, Dark, Ice, Fire, Storm, Lightning on Mount, Embelm and Hat. To use all these is not mandatory, but I would take at least two of these 3 for great DPS.

    For your weapon it is kinda the same as DMG of element skill. Not going your mainskills-element for weapon would be a waste of potential. Also keep in mind that you do less DMG to bosses with the same element as this skill. (With the right weapon core you can counteract this, without having too much loss. Combined with the things on top, you will have no problem with any kind of dmg reduction towards your element!)

    It might be the wrong guide but under the point "Elementals (& Mounts & Emblems)" in my DPS bard guide, I've descriped the same with some other words, maybe that will help you too: Link to my guide

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I try to help u out \o/

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