FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions

  • Hello Envoys!

    The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and even Azuria can feel the hype that comes along with it. Time to place your predictions!

    We welcome you all to join the Aura Kingdom FIFA World Cup 2018 betting event!...

    Wait, is it really betting? Well, not really because you place your "bets" for free and you can win massive rewards.

    It's a totally bad business idea for a betting company but as a player you have nothing to lose except your pride.

    Here's how to join:

    Open the Google Form and start selecting the teams you think will end up 1st and 2nd in each of the groups after the group phase is over (it plays out between the 14th of June until the 28th of June). There is a total of 16 questions plus the bonus question of which team will be the world champion.


    16 correct predictions: 3 GM Wishes

    15 correct predictions: 2 GM Wishes

    14 correct predictions: 1 GM Wish

    8 to 13 correct predictions: 1000 Ruby Coins (Non-Tradable)

    Rules and guidelines:

    • You must submit your predictions before the 14th of June. We won't accept any more entries after 23:59:59 EDT/server time on the 13th of June 2018.
    • Joining with multiple accounts will get you disqualified.
    • Accounts created on or after the 1st of June 2018 can not win.
    • GM Wishes are non-tradable, will be sent only to the winning account and can't be gifted.
    • GM Wish items must have been officially released in our own sales before the 1st of June 2018. New releases in the Preview/Fantasy Voucher shop doesn't count and Muramasa is off limits). Basically the same rules as with a regular GM Wish.
    • These rules are subject to change (eg. as a counter-measure if we notice fraudulent activity).

    All your base are belong to us Best of luck to you all!


    j9e8rQQ.pngGood night Mr. Snuggles, I love you!

  • Hello Envoys of Gaia!


    Rewards will have to wait until the the group phase has ended, but here are your voting results according to how many people voted for someone being either 1st or 2nd place in their specific group:


    See you again as soon the group phase has finished!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • I don't remember what did I choose but I think I got them all corrected so far, I should had gone gamble more.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.

  • Hello Envoys,

    the group phase is history and your rewards have been sent!

    Except for the people with 14 or more correct guesses. You were contacted ingame, to let you know that you have won 1 or more GM Wish!

    Please check your inbox on your highest leveled character, a CM contacted you.

    For all the others: The 1000 NT Ruby Coins have been sent and are already in your shop inventory ('i')

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • Hello Envoys,

    the world cup is over and France won!!

    And with this the final rewards have been sent out:

    1x France Soccer Jersey World Cup Edition (M)
    1x 2000 Ruby Coins (NT)

    Your Aura Kingdom Team