Beginner guide for Aura Kingdom

  • You just got done dowloading the game, you enter your IDs and you're about to pick your server.

    Currently there are 2 servers : Chimera & Phoenix. It doesn't matter which one you pick, Chimera has more drama & allegedly a better economy for newer player, and Phoenix has overall better players.

    I will be completely honest say that it really makes no actual differences, both server are empty in their own ways and none of them runs low level dungeons, so don't get baited into thinking that one server sucks because you can't find a party for X or Y, it would have been the same anyway.

    Once you are done, you'll have to pick between all the currently available classes :

    - Duelist (Dual Blade)

    - Guardian (Sword & Shield)

    - Ravager (Axe)

    - Wizard (Staff)

    - Gunslinger (Dual Guns)

    - Grenadier (Cannon)

    - Sorcerer (Grimoire)

    - Bard (Harp)

    - Brawler (Katars)

    - Ranger (Bow)

    - Ronin (Tachi)

    - Reaper (Scythe)

    - Holy Sword (Greatsword)

    - Shinobi (Shurikens)

    - Lancer (Lance)

    I wanna start off this guide by saying one very important thing : there is no need for tank or healer in this game. The reason for this is that you are able to use a life steal weapon (called Nocturnal here) which completely nullify the need for a tank or a dps, as you are able to self-sustain anywhere at anytime.

    What I'm getting at here is that every classes should be played offensively. No tank, no off-tank, no evasion build, pure damage IS the way to go.

    By now you must be wondering what the class to pick or avoid in this game, well. The truth is, you can play any class AS LONG as it's being build in the correct way, way too often do people try crazy off meta build that makes no sense , and ends up realising that it's a waste of time because of the nature of this game, there is no room for experimentation. However this makes my life a lot easier because it means everything I say here apply for every classes!

    As of right now, the best classes in the game are Lancer & Shuriken (Lancer being #1), these are the most recent classes that the game have gotten and their kit are overloaded with crazy buffs and ridiculous damage. Once again, any classes is playable with the correct build but these are the god-tier one, so if you're looking to start with the best class you can pick one of them.

    After you are done picking your class you will be asked to pick one of the 4 available starters Eidolon, and I won't waste my time here because they are completely useless, just pick whichever you prefer because it won't matter in the end, you won't be using them at all.

    Okay so now you're finally gonna be playing the game, and there isn't much to go from there because you'll just be doing your quests, they are all very simple and straight forward. Know that the questing in this game is VERY LINEAR, you can't do ANYTHING wrong, the maximum of quest you're gonna be having at the same time is 2 at best and that's rare to be honest, you will be questing in :

    - Port Skandia (Lvl 1)

    - Helonia Coast (Lvl 10)

    - Crescent Hill (Lvl 20)

    However before going further, I'll be briefly be talking about the stats & envoy path.

    There are 3 offensives stats and 3 defensives stats.

    DMG ( Damage)

    CRIT (Critical)

    SPD ( Speed)

    HP (Health Point)

    DEF (Defense)

    EVA (Evasion)

    You are gonna be putting all the points you're getting in SPD & DEF until they are both at 99. Don't ask why, I'll get into it later.

    The Envoy Path is a class based system that you can use to enhance specific stats & skills, or obtain new buffs. Each class has a different envoy, if you don't know what to pick pay attention to the grey tiles, they are the one that give you the most valuable buffs.

    Back to the questing boredom.

    Upon reaching level 20 you'll receive a Dimensional Hall quest at Crescent Hill, it's a 3-man dungeon that requires to kill 3 bosses in a row, it's very short and easy to complete but it's a daily quest (blue quest) so don't feel pressured finish it, you're not required to in order to go further into the story.

    At level 25 you will receive a quest over at Crescent Hill and upon completion, you will earn 2 Eidolon Keys containing Sigrun & Aelius, they are relatively good Eidolons but you won't be using them late game, however still better than your starters one so use them if you will.

    After Crescent Hill comes Cactakara Forest, once you are done with this map you will be going back to Navea and finally be able to earn your subclass.

    The thing that you should know about subclass is that they are basically nerfed version of their main counterpart with longer cd, the skills are still the same but the class is overall nerfed because it lacks the Envoy Path of the class.

    So what subclass do you pick ? Shuriken, it is by far the best subclass in the game because of how easy it is to use, and how much damage it is capable of outputting. If you main Shuriken then Holy Sword sub is the way to go.

    Once you are done picking your subclass, I want you to go to the Navea Weapon Merchant and buy a level 8 Shuriken (or whichever class you picked) until you get one with a Nocturnal effect. Too many people are unaware of this end up struggling, but by just having this weapon it will completely changes everything.

    Also worth noting that your subclass's weapon does not affect your main class damage whatsoever, only the subclass skill and at this level a Nocturnal weapon is more than needed to get you through the end game.

    At level 40 you will also receive Level 40 orange gears, you must use them. Orange gears Lvl 40 > any green set, no matter the level. Do not get baited by the raw stats and levels of the item, the SET BONUS is what really matters.

    Once that is done just keep doing your main quest. If the maps that I'm listing have the same level requirements, then there is no order of completion, you just pick the one you wanna do and when. You'll have to do :

    - Demarech Mines (40)

    - Triatio Highlands (45)

    - Candeo March (45)

    After that then level 50 maps will be unlocked, you just do them three till there is nothing left for you to do.

    - Ventos Prairie (50)

    - Oblitus Wood (50)

    - Star Sand Desert (50)

    Good job, you are now done with them! You should be at around level 57 if I remember, with no quest left to do (but that is apparently gonna change in the next patch so I'll keep that short too).

    You will be doing the solos and party dungeons from the map listed above, you do them until you are level 60 which might take a while.

    Once you are 60 you just continue your quests and use the orange set that you have received from the level 60 orange box.

    However ! You have also just unlocked the Weapon Mastery system !!

    The Weapon Mastery is a class-based system that gives you new skill/buffs depending on which path you take, you have the left path or the right path. By earning level you will earn a point that you can allocate anywhere you want, but because you are new I will tell you where to put them for now. For the sake of leveling, it's best that you often swap between one path and another to make it easier to obtain points.

    1. Move SPD 15/15

    2. Elemental Resist 15/15

    3. SPD 30/30

    That's 60 points, very easy to if you get both of your paths to level 30.

    I will obviously get back to this along with the stats part later on in the guide, so do not worry.

    After that is done you will end up in :

    - Blizzard Berg (60)

    - Vulture's Vale (60)

    You will have a quest asked you to get 2 coins of each map, in order to get them you just gotta do once set of question (1 set contains 5 quests in total, it's a daily chain quest), very fast to do pick any that you want, you don't need to do them all, just get your coin in BB & VV and move on.

    After that is done you're gonna unlock :

    - Rainmist Reach (62)

    - Emerald Marsh (62)

    After that comes :

    - Starstruck Plateau (66)

    - Silent Ice Field (66)

    Bravo ! Once that is done you have succesfully finished the first story arc of the game! Exciting am I right ?

    Once you are done you these maps will be around level 70 and receive the good shit. With the level 70 orange box you'll receive the sniper set, one of the best DPS set that this game has to offer. I believe that you also get Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth, currently the best DPS trophy in the game. Keep it at all cost, do not ditch it for something else.

    By now you must be wondering : But why is Sniper one of the best set in the game ? Why is it that good ? Why is Guzigla so important when it's a level 70 trophy and the level cap is 95 ?

    The answer to this is that it gives Sniper gives Detailed DMG + Crit DMG against bosses, and Guzigla gives 11% Detailed DMG against Bosses. These stats are one of the most important DPS stat in the game and is a very important factor when picking for gears.

    As we go along I will be listing the gears that you should be having at Level 80 & 90.

    Back to the quests, I guess... Once you are done with Silence Ice Field, you'll be doing :

    - Port Morton (70)

    - Candetonn Hill (70)

    A lot of people get stuck after completing these 2 maps, the reason is that upon reaching level 72, you'll receive a special quests that will you ask you to complete a task in 2 dungeons, Infernal Abyss & Whirlpool Abyss. If you struggle try joining a guild and asking for help, or just join the AKUS discord and ask there. The quests can be completed in both solo and party mode.

    Once that is out of the way, you'll be back to your quests.

    - Viridian Steppe (75)

    - Desolate Valley (75)

    - Tanglevine Cascades (80)

    - Sunhunter's Vale (80)

    - Chronology Forest (85)

    - Tempest Forest (85)

    After clearing Tempest Forest you have now finally completed every available main quests! You are in the end-game range of levels and you are now ready to start your Aura Kingdom life.

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  • Now, you will probably be asking "What's next ? How do I level up ?".

    The answer is : daily quests / dungeons, that's basically it.

    Earlier in the guide I mentionned which stats, envoy path and weapon mastery. Let's start with your character stats first ,the stats you should invest your points in are SPD and DEF, but why ?

    Speed does 2 things, it increase your attack speed & gives you cooldown reduction, meaning your basic attacks will hit faster and your skills will be available much more easily. It caps at 50%.

    Defense is simply for the sake of "tanking" more easily, and because having a lot of HP won't matter if your DEF is so low that you instantly die anyway. It caps at 80%.

    Why is SPD so important ? Because when you jump while casting a skill, your character will be throwing auto-attacks in between, effectively boosting your DPS. Every classes has a different cap, but you should be easily able to obtain 75% (50% SPD + 25% with an Eidolon Buff)

    Here are the ATK Speed caps for every classes, provided by <GS>HoneyBoi.

    Sword & Shield - 77%
    Axe - 81%
    Dual Blade - 72%
    Dual Guns - 67%
    Cannon - 78%
    Harp - 72%
    Staff - 77%
    Grimoire - 75%
    Katar - 69%
    Bow - 74%
    Tachi - 72%
    Reaper - 75%
    Holy Sword - 75%

    Shuri - 77%
    Lancer - 74%

    For more informations about the stats, I will link this explanation written by <SGS>Rio (with some added infos by me) about what stats you should be aiming for, why and how.

    General idea for stat build / allocation for all classes


    - 50% SPD - 70-75% CRIT

    - Rest of points in DMG


    - 70-75% DEF (preferably without TBD in end-game)

    - Rest of points in HP

    Number of points doesn't matter as long as you reach the needed percentage.


    With pre-end game and end-game gears, you'll easily cap SPD and DEF with gears alone while you'll (hopefully) have enough crit without points.

    In this case:

    Offensive: All points on dmg, extra points in spd

    Defensive: All points on HP, extra points in def

    End-game = +20 and above fortification in all weapons, and armors, (may include trophies and accessories) at level 80-95.


    Q: Why not 80% DEF?

    A: It's not necessary to go 80% in current content unless you're doing vault. If you can't survive well with 70%-75% then you might as well give it a go at 80%.

    Q: Is the 70%-75% DEF written above has The Best of Defense mastery on?

    A: For end-game, you'll have to have those stats without TBD since you'll switch out to Deep Blue mastery (giving detailed DMG) or a useful class combo mastery (when soloing). If you have those stats with TBD then it's okay also, as long as you don't have to switch out to other masteries besides TBD. It's still recommended that you max out your fortifications (+20) on your armors to be able to have those stats without TBD.

    Q: Is EVA a useful at all ?

    A: Not at all, in PVE it's completely obselete because gears alone will give you more than enough EVA required for the stat to matter, you should not waste any points trying to get it to a high %.

    (That last one was added by me)

    Now, let's talk about your Envoy Path. To be honest there really isn't much to say beside that you get 25 points in total (stopping at Level 75). I will be linking the best envoy paths for each classes so that you have an easy time getting to know the system.

    Sword & Shield :

    Axe :

    Dual Blade :

    Dual Guns :

    Cannon :

    Harp :

    Staff :

    Grimoire :

    Katar :

    Bow :

    Tachi :

    Reaper :

    Holy Sword :

    Shuri :

    Lancer :

    Moving on to the Weapon Mastery

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