Beginner guide for Aura Kingdom

  • Now, you will probably be asking "What's next ? How do I level up ?".

    The answer is : daily quests / dungeons, that's basically it.

    Earlier in the guide I mentionned which stats, envoy path and weapon mastery. Let's start with your character stats first ,the stats you should invest your points in are SPD and DEF, but why ?

    Speed does 2 things, it increase your attack speed & gives you cooldown reduction, meaning your basic attacks will hit faster and your skills will be available much more easily. It caps at 50%.

    Defense is simply for the sake of "tanking" more easily, and because having a lot of HP won't matter if your DEF is so low that you instantly die anyway. It caps at 80%.

    Why is SPD so important ? Because when you jump while casting a skill, your character will be throwing auto-attacks in between, effectively boosting your DPS. Every classes has a different cap, but you should be easily able to obtain 75% (50% SPD + 25% with an Eidolon Buff)

    Here are the ATK Speed caps for every classes, provided by <GS>HoneyBoi.

    Sword & Shield - 77%
    Axe - 81%
    Dual Blade - 72%
    Dual Guns - 67%
    Cannon - 78%
    Harp - 72%
    Staff - 77%
    Grimoire - 75%
    Katar - 69%
    Bow - 74%
    Tachi - 72%
    Reaper - 75%
    Holy Sword - 75%

    Shuri - 77%
    Lancer - 74%

    For more informations about the stats, I will link this explanation written by <SGS>Rio (with some added infos by me) about what stats you should be aiming for, why and how.

    General idea for stat build / allocation for all classes


    - 50% SPD - 70-75% CRIT

    - Rest of points in DMG


    - 70-75% DEF (preferably without TBD in end-game)

    - Rest of points in HP

    Number of points doesn't matter as long as you reach the needed percentage.


    With pre-end game and end-game gears, you'll easily cap SPD and DEF with gears alone while you'll (hopefully) have enough crit without points.

    In this case:

    Offensive: All points on dmg, extra points in spd

    Defensive: All points on HP, extra points in def

    End-game = +20 and above fortification in all weapons, and armors, (may include trophies and accessories) at level 80-95.


    Q: Why not 80% DEF?

    A: It's not necessary to go 80% in current content unless you're doing vault. If you can't survive well with 70%-75% then you might as well give it a go at 80%.

    Q: Is the 70%-75% DEF written above has The Best of Defense mastery on?

    A: For end-game, you'll have to have those stats without TBD since you'll switch out to Deep Blue mastery (giving detailed DMG) or a useful class combo mastery (when soloing). If you have those stats with TBD then it's okay also, as long as you don't have to switch out to other masteries besides TBD. It's still recommended that you max out your fortifications (+20) on your armors to be able to have those stats without TBD.

    Q: Is EVA a useful at all ?

    A: Not at all, in PVE it's completely obselete because gears alone will give you more than enough EVA required for the stat to matter, you should not waste any points trying to get it to a high %.

    (That last one was added by me)

    Now, let's talk about your Envoy Path. To be honest there really isn't much to say beside that you get 25 points in total (stopping at Level 75). I will be linking the best envoy paths for each classes so that you have an easy time getting to know the system.

    Sword & Shield :

    Axe :

    Dual Blade :

    Dual Guns :

    Cannon :

    Harp :

    Staff :

    Grimoire :

    Katar :

    Bow :

    Tachi :

    Reaper :

    Holy Sword :

    Shuri :

    Lancer :

    Moving on to the Weapon Mastery

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