"Everything" about: Professions (Basic info+guide links)

  • This Guide is incomplete for now, but I will add more to it later and possibly make a separate one for fishing, card duels, and archeology later unless someone beats me to it. Will probably not do Cooking and gathering though as this is very well covered already.

    Will also add links to any of these and [Guide] (IMAGE HEAVY) Food Crafting + Gather Locations here if given permission




    leveling your profession

    Profession rank


    1. I advice that you complete these benchmarks before you focus on leveling the profession itself, this is because you will not get past a certain level anyways if you do not complete them.

    2. Leveling gathering will increase exp on Cooking Archeology and Fishing so can save a lot to level this first.

    Links (will add more if I find any that really fit or I make my own specific profession guide)

    Awesome guide for Cooking and Gathering: Image heavy food and gathering guide.

    (thanks to Hexagonally for making it, Weaponstar for completing it, AKUS_Forums for saving it from the old Forums and SGS>Rio for allowing me to link it )


    If you want to level up your professions you will need to reach certain benchmarks for lvl 3 6 and 10.

    These are the same as a corresponding adventurer medal or gathering achievement.

    Profession Achievement Level 3 Level 6 Level 10
    Gathering brainiac/enthusiast/
    aficionado achievement
    10x each plant/ore until
    10x Each plant ore until
    Star Sand
    10x Each plant ore until
    Silent Ice Field
    Archeology archeology medal 10 of each relics until
    Blizard Berg
    100 of each relics until
    Blizzard Berg
    100 of all archaeological treasure
    Cooking Epicurean Medal Cook 13 orange food Cook 13 purple food Cook 13 gold food
    Fishing Angler Medal 1x each fish - Kingfish to
    Blizard Berg
    also 1x each Kingfish to
    Blizzard Berg
    One of every fish
    Card duelist Duel medal 100 card points 800 card points 2000 CP, 20 lvl 60 4* cards,
    10 lvl 60 5* cards

    I have not seen any level benchmarks yet regarding House Crafting(feel free to contribute any information I might have missed there)

    Leveling your professions

    I can unfortunately only give a rough outline as I never make a personal copy of the exp limitations sorry


    Highest tier of maps you can reach (unless you desire a specific item and think it worth lower exp)


    Correctly identify on highest open map of the day, Hall of Philae dungeon is also an option

    Cooking: (pricy Craft)

    Highest level food you can reliably craft (get white knife before you start and spend cooking tokens to upgrade knife the moment you can, but skip blue as price pr difference is not worth it)

    Fishing: manual fish (Will require crafting and upgrading quite a bit of fishing gear)

    Build up fishing gear because at a certain point only orange fish count and at another only kingfish gives exp.

    Card Duels (requires building up a decent card deck to high level)

    As far in Duelist temple as you can once a day pr char, you can also do random duels and as high difficulty card NPC duels as you can handle (can be combined with Simon’s quest especial until you have a full maxed out deck) Sidenote: doing quiz can help grow your Card deck a lot faster.

    House Crafting:

    I have not delved too much into house crafting so do not know what gives good exp, or if some things loose the exp at specific profession levels.

    (feel free to contribute anything I have missed here)

  • Profession Rank



    Lv.2 Apprentice Gatherer

    increase XP Fishing/Cooking/Archeology

    Lv.3 Journeyman Gatherer

    Acc + 1%

    Lv.4 Expert Gatherer

    Prices in Gathering Store – 2%

    Lv.5 Artisan Gatherer

    increase XP Fishing/Cooking/Archeology

    Lv.6 Master Gatherer

    Max HP + 954

    Lv.7 Grand Master Gatherer

    increase xp Fishing/Cooking/Archeology and gathering Ethereal Crystals

    Lv.8 Zen Master Gatherer

    Prices in Gathering Store – 3%

    Lv.9 Epic Gatherer

    increase XP Fishing/Cooking/Archeology and gathering ethereal crystals

    Lv.10 Legendary Gatherer

    Move SPD + 3%



    Lv.2 Apprentice Archaeologist

    Reduce chance to identify tiny flaw

    Lv.3 Journeyman Archaeologist

    DMG + 840

    Lv.4 Expert Archaeologist

    Prices in Archeology Store – 2%

    Lv.5 Artisan Archaeologist

    Reduce chance to identify tiny flaw

    Lv.6 Seeker of Cultural Relics

    Acc + 1%

    Lv.7 Grand Master Archaeologist

    Increase chance of Flawless and Treasure Maps

    Lv.8 Zen Master Archaeologist

    Prices in Archeology Store – 3%

    Lv.9 Epic Archaeologist

    Increased chance to identify Legancy Items

    Lv.10 Legendary Archaeologist

    Max HP + 1675



    Lv.2 Apprentice Cook

    Decrease SPD of ingredients + 25

    Lv.3 Journeyman Cook

    Move SPD + 1%

    Lv.4 Expert Cook

    Prices in Cooking Store – 2%

    Lv.5 Artisan Cook

    apearance rate of ingredients + 50

    Lv.6 Master Cook

    DMG +1536

    Lv.7 Grand Master Cook

    Correct ingredient + 2

    Lv.8 Zen Master Cook

    Prices in Cooking Store – 3%

    Lv.9 Epic Cook

    Score for correct ingredient +1

    Lv.10 Legendary Cookc

    Acc + 3%



    Lv.2 Apprentice Angler

    Reeling Speed +2%

    Lv.3 Journeyman Angler

    Max HP + 549

    Lv.4 Expert Angler

    Prices in Fishing Store – 2%

    Lv.5 Artisan Angler

    Fishing Line Strenght +2%

    Lv.6 Master Angler

    Move SPD + 1%

    Lv.7 Grand Master Angler

    Fishing Equipment Strenght +2%

    Lv.8 Zen Master Angler

    Prices in Fishing Store – 3%

    Lv.9 Epic Angler

    Increased chance to get Orange Fish

    Lv.10 Legendary Angler

    DMG + 2476

    Duel Class


    Lv.2 Card Warrior

    Move SPD + 1%

    Lv.3 Card Enthusiast

    DMG +100 SPD + 32

    Lv.4 Card Shark

    Price Duel Merchant -2%

    Lv.5 Card Wielder

    HP + 307 DEF + 38

    Lv.6 Card Guru

    Acc + 1%

    Lv.7 Card Kensho

    DMG +342 CRIT + 132

    Lv.8 Card Overlord

    Price Duel Merchant -3%

    Lv.9 King of Cards

    HP + 669 EVA + 277

    Lv.10 Card Apocalypse

    DMG + 801 HP +981

    House Crafting


    Lv.2 Upholstery Lover

    Warehouse slots+10 Feng Shui + 20

    Lv.3 Upholstery Enthusiast

    Crit DMG +2% SPD + 32

    Lv.4 Interior Designer

    Price Housing Merchant -2%

    Lv.5 Villa Designer

    Warehouse slots+10 Feng Shui + 40

    Lv.6 Mansion Designer

    Defense against all attributes + 1%

    Lv.7 Dr House

    Warehouse Slots+10 Feng Shui + 60

    Lv.8 Mansion Maven

    Price Duel Merchant -3%

    Lv.9 Palace Prodigy

    Warehouse Slots+20 Feng Shui + 80

    Lv.10 Architectural Apotheosis

    HP +1261 Heal 2%

  • As I have not focused on or leveled my house crafting much. I know relatively little about it, I have added two placeholders in the first post and put in the stats in the second posts. If someone would like to contribute feel free and I will include and credit it in the post.