Patch Notes 43

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    Raised amid snowfalls and blizzards, Eirene came to the Envoys of Gaia carrying her songs of peace.

    Eirene is able to control the power of frost in order to daze her enemies throwing snowballs at them. She can also command the guardian power of ice to counterattack enemies and recover own HP. This gentle healer will help you to be back on your feet after battling.

    A new 3 star form for Amaterasu!


    Isn’t she beautiful?


    Like in all the old RPGs, the new level cap is 99!

    Why 99 and not 100? Who knows! Perfect time for subless level 99 characters without border!


    New breathtaking maps!

    There is now Frigga Peak, with lots of mysteries to solve.

    Who was this big beast?


    Did the whale eat the seal or is the seal pooping a whale?

    And much more to explore! And after your freezing experience on Frigga Peak you can make your way to Desolate Desert!

    It’s so hot here that you will surely defrost!


    If you search long enough you may find an oasis, but beware hidden alligators… they may eat you!


    Of course both maps come with all the extras:

    • Dialogues for laughs
    • Oddities for frustration
    • Elite monsters for hunting
    • Archeology for all the moles
    • Collecting and new dishes for all the gourmet envoys
    • Fishes and king fishes for envoys with a boring hobby



    Two new dungeons!

    Glacial Ice Cavern and Subterranean Sanctuary!

    Explore the depths of the ice cavern Glacial Ice Cavern, but don’t forget you panties to not catch a chill!


    And afterwards your adventure will lead you to the mysterious Subterranean Sanctuary!


    You can now upgrade your armor secret stones to purple quality!



    • Orange secret stones need to be level 70
    • You need 10x Secret Rainbow Crystal

    Then simply fuse them and you will have a shiny new purple secret stone, with random stats!

    Purple secret stones don’t come just with 2 random stats, but 3! And to top it off: Their maximum percentages are increased too!


    Secret Rainbow Crystal can be farmed in all versions of OW: Emerald Marsh and OW: Silent Ice Field.

    With new potions and higher stat caps, a new secret stone randomizer will be introduced too!

    You can craft them via the alchemy NPC in Navea.

    Exchange your Secret Stone Randomizer with 5 gold and then use the product with Secret Rainbow Crystal and some other items to craft a new randomizer!
    Was this everything? NO!

    On top all classes have now secret stones for all armor slots!

    The secret stones for your skills from your weapon mastery have been added!

    Story Review System

    You always tried to skip the story or just didn’t pay any attention to the movies?
    No problem!

    After doing quest Lv.55 Hidden Vault you can now watch all unlocked movies, again!

    The drop event for Elite Sky Tower and Sky Realm will end next week! Fixed XP-curve for lower levels


    Good luck and much fun,
    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • On the 18th of July we had a maintenance , applying fixes to the patch 43. The following was fixed:

    - Achievements: Some achievements were displayed as incomplete, even though they were already completed.

    - Missing images on the teleporter for the new areas and instances.

    - Adjusted ore spawn speed in Frigga Peak.

    - Eirene skill issues.

    - Green Sappling.

    - Dressing Room / Preview: Gender issues.

    j9e8rQQ.pngGood night Mr. Snuggles, I love you!

  • Hello,

    On the 25th of July we had a maintenance , applying fixes to the patch 43. The following was fixed:

    - fishing set bonus fixed

    - more achievement fixes
    - Starcrescent Valley stuck players are free
    - Quest Aquila Platoon deactivated - can be abandoned

    - Login-Box Diamond: added 30 Megaphones

    Best regards,

  • Achievements list are not fixed! Some of these achievements like defeating the five card rangers are not in the "Card Duel" category but shows up if "Show All" is selected.

    Scadi - Owner of the guild "Astraea"