Change to Material Availability

  • Dear AK dev team,

    I've been an active player since March 2015 and the author of the Holy Sword guide. I stopped playing for the past 8 months because of how fruitless and difficult it has been to make progress with lv 90 crafted gears due to the low drop rate of timesilk and extremely low drop rate of Seers Willow. I just started playing again hoping that the new patch would provide some new opportunities for obtaining crafted gears but material availability is no different. I would like to continue enjoying the game but its simply not enjoyable when it is so difficult to make progress. So I will likely continue to limit my time on the game. Im certain this frusturation is shared by many of the others in the community. I realize that this game is a copy of FFO Taiiwan but Im hopeful that you might be able to implement some temporary measures to improve material availbility (like paragon or special events) until a future patch.