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    Welcome to the PYRAMID guild's thread!

    『About us』


    Pyramid is a social guild that aims to be the most active guild in Phoenix.

    We are a level 10 guild that is looking for a variety of active players to participate in the insanity chamber that is guild chat.

    To both new players and veterans, we will love you the same as you will become one with this growing (slightly crazy) family

    We pride ourselves in being helpful, just ask away and you'll most likely get an answer (unless of course we are AFK in Navea or guild hall, which happens pretty often).

    We make great efforts to ensure that our guild is drama-free.

    Pyramid strives to be a relaxed and laid-back environment (please keep your drama in secondlife).

    Most importantly, we aim to have fun and enjoy our time away from our real lives.


    "The dishes can wait, let the dog lick it." -Wamu, our Vice, to MugenMori (also our Vice), when he chose to clean the dishes instead of doing Sky Tower.

    『Why Pyramid?



    Our guild focuses on In-game activity, which means if you're looking for a guild that do things together, friendly, and active,

    we're the one you're looking for. (Also, we have Discord. Yay!) Aside from the in-game activity you'll love, as of now,

    we also do events such as:

    - Sky Tower
    - Eidolon Summonings :

    - And many more TBA.

    And again, we'd love to help if you need anything, so wait no more, you've finally found the perfect place to join!:D


    The requirements are really simple,
    1. Respect other members.

    2. No drama, if you have a problem with someone else, you can talk to the vices, or keep it personal.
    3. Be active, if you're unable to play for a certain period of time, do tell the officers about it.

    4. If you join with alts, please try to be active too.

    Lastly, if you want to join us, do PM one of these people via Discord, or whisper one of these in-game.

    - Remine
    - Kaniri
    - Wamu (Discord: Death4U#5820)

    - MugenMori (Discord: MugenGlider#3707)
    - GalaxyHime (Discord: GalaxyXPrincess#6277)

    - Sherlock (Discord: Sherlock#1962)

    Here are some pictures of our guild.



    -Pyramid, 2018

    『 Ninja / Sherlock - PYRAMID / Phoenix 』
    Discord: Forts#1962


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  • I can recommend this guild to any, who searches for a nice and casual home.

    Especially for newer players that like to find other new(er) players. There are also enough older players, who can help with questions and carry.

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