General PVP guide for ALL classes. ( Primarily 90's )

  • I've read the whole guide and just got one question/add.

    Headgear | 2% HP with 4% DMG to Players card and 3% HP

    I don't get the reason why you play on HP on headgear. I prefered to play on 2% Heal + 3% heal card which improves my heal. Guess this is in +30 PvP time even more important (Enemy uses expose weakness + maybe some kind of class debuff and your heal is down)

    I guess if you have full +30 you're going to have enough HP

  • A lot has seemingly changed while a lot has seemingly stayed the same (as the saying goes) since I last did PVP in the level 80s/+20 times, so I don't know how applicable this would be, but I wouldn't see any reason it wouldn't still be, so...

    Per the Wizard envoy, taken from my guide, I would probably suggest something like this, which is more or less saying "your PVE envoy works the best" (given you're using the Bard sub-class in PVE, anyway).

    If level 69 and below PVP is still a thing, I used this when I did that.

    I have less of an idea of what to suggest for a right path/flame Wizard, as my experience with it is limited (and the results at that time were poor). Maybe someone else who plays it can contribute for that, but I would probably think something like this would more or less be close to ideal. Either way, I would follow the same line of thinking and say "whatever you use for PVE will likely work best here", just adjust it for having Bard sub-class and the combo skill if not already.

    Second thing, and this is more an exception to the rule but it might be worth a mention, but the harp element on some classes who get a combo skill from pairing with Bard might want to try and get an element that matches the skill. I've always recommended Wizards to try and get lightning element for the Harp.

  • Flame Shurikek potentially, storm kinda big sucks in pvp



    Ice hs if you want to meme and piss off storm shuri / dark lance or any other classes that do continious dmg.

    Could replace prickleness with cdmg dt tile or whatever.


    Might want to add Keres trophy + Divinity Dust to go against Bow or Yarnaros's trophy cause -100% heal debuff is absolute cancer.