[Guide] Vault of Eternity Solo+PT How does it works [PT WIP]

  • Warning : this runs is considered Endgame instance because of the difficulty level so if you are just starting the game , better ditch this thread

    Henlo fellow AK brethren Its me Waluigi doc birb2

    Since the last curve , getting to lv95 is now extrmely easy and thus more newcomer are coming considerably faster to late game maps and instances .

    so they are hitting gear wall faster than XP wall which is now starts from 99 (generaly)right before awakening . All instance for main quest purposes (which is solo runs) are quite easy with just a mediocre dps gear sets.

    While party and hell instances can just ask for curry or join any random recruit to leech on dogee

    But ..................................................! there is 1 instance , solo mode and pt , quite a nuisance mechanics , extreme debuffs , and nuking boss.


    A bit about this instance , Its located on Sunhunter Vale and is accesible when you finished Tangelvine mainquest and reach level 80 , it will appear as blinking exclamation mark on your UI . have 15 floor , we called it Chapter or Ch here. You will face bosses in your past but WAY STRONGER.


    It has alot of mechanics that can help you survive inside and kill the bosses faster , and some mechanics that you have to avoid triggering it , and some to be countered etc etc.

    However it gives Promising Rewards as drops (tho skem RNG) whihc is gold rarity masteries , 2K loyalty points , 500 fortification fragments voucher (for you who lazy to open wep/armor and salvage it like me) orange useless costume , forbidden page , and Eternia sands of time.

    I'll give an insight of each usage of the crucial things

    1.Sands of Time Sealed chest

    This is the guarantee drops from Ch.3 / Ch.6 /Ch.9 / Ch.12 . it gives a random amount of Eternia sands of time(1,2,3,5,7,10) used to exchange for eternia key fragments in encyclopedia for 50 sands + 5k golden dragon points for 1 eternia key fragment

    2.Forbidden book page

    Used to exchange for golden class skill masteries in encyclopedia per 100 page, have drop chance on every chapter

    Oki Now you have come this far , im going to explain A LOT about each floor.

    Turn back if you think this is too muchuglyyyy

    Each chapter have specific debuffs every 3 floor (10-15 have same debuffs)


    Ch.1 Duality

    Here you will face brian and his eidolon clawpatra that you encounter in port skandia.He have a fast Straight line 3-sec Stun while clawpatra have a T-shaped 5-sec stun

    1st phase~~~Brian have shield that provide him immunity . To remove it you have to deal dmg to clawpatra and 4 yellow orb will appear randomly . You have to walk to the orb to disable brian's shield for few seconds. Then nuke brian out . IF you dont have the dmg needed to nuke him in 1 turn , repeats.

    2nd phase~~~ brian will transform to Twisted brian and have -30% deff and -40%mspd skill , this is very dangerous if you dont have the damage to nuke him, not >70% deff with the debuff, and forced to kill it slowly cuz he hits quite hard.

    After that, appear Chapter 1 Chest

    Ele = Brian and clawpatra is violent , the twisted brian is dark

    Ch.2 Past , Present, Future

    In this floor , you will encounter the proud makar Warrior Odum Ryan that you once fought on Albastren Temple and he goes along as one of the main character in the whole story. there is 3 phase

    1st~~~ this is the normal odum and is not that hard , just dodge his red carpets and kill him

    2nd~~~ this is corrupted odum , the skill change and he is a bit stronger and have a stun skill and always dodge his large red carpets, it hurts

    3rd~~~ is the mighty odum after joining the knights , stronger than the 2nd phase and hits harder , but dodging the red carpets will help your survivability.

    Chest Chapter 2 chest

    Ele = from 1st to 3rd odum , Violent > Dark > Holy

    Ch.3 The Seal

    Moving on , you will face Cursed sonjuno . This floor will gives you a debuff thats stacks every second up to 30 , when it hits 30, you will become sonjuno cant do anything and taking heavy periodic damage. Getting hit by any of sonjuno's Skill give a short burts time that makes this debuff stacks faster

    Screenshot (58).png

    However you can cleanse this by walking to water puddle around the room in circle .

    About Sonjuno , he deals massive damage with skills and autos. he has a very fast 3-sec Stun which is an AoE centered on him , so Melee class have to watchout for this another concerning skill is the very large Multiple ring AoE that lasts for 3 sec and will deal dmg and reduce mspd .

    Basically just keep fighting in circle to purge the debuffs and watchout for the red carpets here ranged class will be less struggling cuz they can keep their distance from sonjuno while doing autos and skills, Melle on the other hand might be quite hard and must have decent movement control and reaction.

    Chapter 3 chest

    Ele = Cursed sonjuno is Holy (cursed but holy , wierd i know)

    Ch.4 Faint Light

    Next up , Fia , from Gydaie Glenn and kayel as her slaves. Here , fia will spawn in the middle and 4 kayel in located on 0 90 180 270 degree . there will be a ring of fire wall that

    deals damage if touched. A 90 degree of the ring wall will vanish if the kayel standing infront is killed but this is not a significant thing to care. The kayel will throw AoE bombs periodically towards you , all 4 of them , that deals tons of damage , but dodge able (not EVA-able) . Fia , She has 3-sec player-targeted stun and have an Spreaded Straight line AoE ,that pushes you far back when got hit , usually enough to push you to the fire wall and kills.

    So the general how2go here is mainly dodge Fia's push Carpets , and kayels Bombs Aoe . This floor needs alot of movement to keep up

    Chapter 4 chest

    Ele = fia is storm , kayel is lightning , but the bombs is fire

    Ch.5 Miracle

    Going further , A wild Titanus has appeared ! here there isn't any difficult mechanic just a simple nuking the boss and stay alive .

    Titanus have a permanent buff where he deals 25% extra to players that can stacks

    Screenshot (78).png

    The annoying part here is probably his choke , it hurts . About the meteor you have to lure titanus to this meteor to remove the "25% dmg bonus to player" buff on titanus , but this is not that much of a bother , only the choke and the dark bomb.

    he usually choke after 10 sec ish and it would be best to put some DoT burst and have unerfed noct when he choke to stay alive.

    Chapter 5 chest

    Ele = titanus is dark and so his skill

    Ch.6 Belief

    The mighty argus from triatio stands before you. Argus will spawn with somekind of armor that reduces his taken dmg quite alot , if you dont have high enough dmg .

    It is still possible to kill him in this state but will be a long-term battle if you dont have high enough damage. Argus will do 2 AoE attacc , 1 is AoE stun bombs on player , other is a 2 straight line of fireball in front of him

    there will be 3 totem that spawns in the room , Steel , earth blessing , and raging

    Steel will give you dmg reduction ,

    raging will break argus shield but making him deals more dmg ,

    the earth blessing will heal , but smoll heal (like rio) so not very usefull.

    if you think you are still paper , then keep fighting without touching any pillars and kill him slowly.

    Chapter 6 chest

    Ele = argus is violent, stun bomb and fire ball is fire

    Ch.7 The Seeker

    Welcome to my lair , says Asheara. This time , there is no heavy mechanic .

    you will have to keep watch of Asheara when she summons a bunshin of her , it does a lot of damage.
    2nd attacc pattern, she channel like a whirlpool on her and a lot water beyblade, formed in circle on the room, slowly comes to your position dealing multiple stacks of DoTs from each blade , it hurts if you dont have a running Burst to keep the lifesteal or not dodging it.

    Thats as simple as floor 7 also dont forget to always use treasure charm , the best you have . Because gold zeal drops in Ch7/8/9

    Chapter 7 Chest

    Ele = Ice

    Ch.8 Heart of Chaos

    Frederick's deep feelings unleashed. This time , Keep an eye of the 4 purple thingy that spawns around, dealing heavy damage in straight line towards you. You can turn this to golden crytal that damage frederic instead so if u ended up ded , fredric will stay busy with the golden crystal , thus his HP wont reset. , The golden crystal can go back to purple if frederic killed it with either the AoE whole room strike or the other dark crystal killed it , so keep an eye for it.

    But , getting hit by it also gives a buff-debuff thats decrease dmg taken from frederic , but losing 1% hp per stack every second up to 10%


    Or if you think you can tank and keep the lifesteal going from frederic attaccs , just dodge all the carpets from those and keep nuking frederic

    Chapter 8 chest


    Ch.9 Immortality

    The immortal bone dragon Roshan Talamund is here, well not rly immortal , just the lore.

    not that much of mechanic here.

    there will be a pop up chats that indicates "if A gets destroyed , talamund will recieve heavy damage , if B gets destroyed player will get it instead"

    there is some crystal floating around the room and a mirage of talamund vs wrenna .

    Talamund will have 2 major pattern , the AoE circle that immobilize you , and a 2-straight-line atacc , deals damage and can be used to destroy the A and B object.

    Nevertheless , this is just the mechanic , and IMO not very effective to follow . Just defy this and keep nuking Talamund

    Chapter 9 chest

    Ele = Dark

    Ch.10 Wind Rider

    One of the dragon king , the sky dragon king ,Flokja. This is where most ppl usually encounter a wall.

    He has 2 phase ,Human form and dragon form.

    1st~~~ in his human form , he will be having a large green aura around him , you have to be inside that aura to be able to deal damage to him. His attack pattern is 4 of the following:

    An AoE thats split into 12 straight lines , dealing damage

    An small AoE circle-shaped that push you far back , enough to be out of the Green Aura

    A targeted attack , where he jumps towards you ,deals damage, and rendering you unable to cast skills.

    A 2-Straight line attack that deals damage

    2nd~~~Dragon form , there is 4 skill and 1 major event that triggered periodicaly

    A Ring of Storm orb that circles around and deals massive damage

    A Summon tornadoes that follows you and deal massive damage

    A Tail whip that launches you and flokja itself to the air , you cannot attack flokja while in the air but the tornadoes will still damage you.

    A Floating jail that will render you unable to do anything but to spam 1 skill to get out . Tho this hardly ever seen to proc'ed , unless its a reallly long battle

    He will from times to times , pops up a message "Ready or not , Here i come !" this is very crucial thing to keep an eye of because you will be recieving a immunity buff from all Flokja's attacc and skills. You MUST STAND STILL or the buff disaapear . You can still do skills and auto attacc , but not the Gap closer one. , The buffs shown as Ars Noxia icon on your buff bar . Watch it b4 you want to start moving again.

    After killed him , a short cutscene appear and then Chapter 10 Chest

    Ele = Storm

    Ch.11 Mighty Tempest

    Another Dragon King , Lianne Riverwalker , The Aqua-dragon queen (just because she is a grill , but still , a dragon king).

    This might be the MOST ANNOYING Chapter especially if you cant do a short-paced battle or nuke.

    The mechanic is this room , there wil be a mist of swirling water dome that spawns randomly , and mostlikely to spawn on player.This deals no damage , but wil render you unable to cast skills and forcefully stop any skill animation if its in the middle of casting animation. So will be bad if you wanted to throw a burst skill and poof, the mist spawns on you

    There will also be some water puddle of life , spawns randomly as well that force you to have 3 skill , and also cancel skill animation if you stepped on it. This skill is not significant and can be removed by using the 3rd skill , then continue on nuking lianne

    Same with Flokja, she has Human and Dragon form .

    1st~~~In human Form she will start as 1 person , kill it , she splits into 2 smoller Lianne > splits into 4 > splits into 8. done keep nuking and destroy the crystal that spawns near her.

    2nd~~~ after that , you will have a few seconds of breather all puddle and mist despawn. Then the dragon form spawn rightaway along with all the puddles and mist.

    She has 4 main skill , and 1 Event

    A Straight line of 8 pointing out of herself ,hurts , alot.

    A Multiple ring AoE of swirling glacial storm that is centered on you when it is casted, lasts 5 second , Hurts, even more. However , there is enough cast time for eidolons or you to stun to cancel it .

    A straight Wide Square Aoe in front of here that deals damage

    An ice bomb, player target, but not following , that pull you toward Lianne.

    The event is where she summons Glacial Tornadoes on her , makes her immune to dmg. You have to destroy all the crystal thats spawns around her .

    The amount will differ each time , from 3 - 5 crystal , tho thats how much that i have experience myself.

    If you fail to destroy all the crystal within the next 20 sec, u ded.

    Then a cutscene appear after killing Lianne and Chapter 11 chest

    Ele = Ice

    Ch.12 Rolling Thunder

    The Third dragon king , Thunder dragon King , Taloc. and the final floor , for now.

    Here same with flokja and lianne , have 2 Phase , human and dragon .

    1st~~~ In human phase , there will be 2 taloc spawning , the positive on the left , and negative on the right. Need to kill both b4 one Respawn.

    I Suggest to kill the positive first , since he has stun . you can aggro him from the corner of the room without triggering the negative taloc.

    His first skill will always the straight line AoE and he will teleport infront of you after casting it.his Stun is the Large AoE centered on himself.

    After killing the positive, quick , kill the negative , his first skill willbe the AoE straihgtline that split into 6 rows that deals damage. After that he will cast the AoE multiple ring .

    Be aware that he heals himself to full health every few seconds period , so you have to nuke him ASAP

    2nd~~~In this dragon form , this is where it starts to get tricky.

    Both you and taloc will have 2 conditions , Either positively charge or negatively charge every 30 second. There will be a popup message "Taloc is going to change His status to negative /positive" which in my research , not 100% accurate because can still gives you positive when it says negative and the other way around .

    Best way to check your polarity is looking the Polarity bubble above your character . You and taloc will Always have the same polarity everytime it changes

    Next up , There will also some moving Bubbles of negative and postive charge , spawn 2 of each , or 1 because sometime it glitches out. Walk to this bubbles to change your polarity .

    Keep in mind that if you take the same polarity of your own , you cannot take other polarity until the debuff end or taloc change polarity.

    You will recieve a Buff of 50% bonus damage dealt to taloc when taking 1 opposite charge from your current status , and adittional 50% when u take another 1 of the same charge that you take first

    So As an example , you are negatively charge , so does taloc . You have to take the positively charged bubble , 2 of it , and you will have a 100% bonus damage dealt to taloc. works the same the other way.

    However , you will be recieving 2%Hp as damage every second because of the different polarity you have and 4% damage if you take 2 charge.


    You will also take a Debuff that ticks everytime you deal damage to him , up to 20 . When it hits 20 , you will be locked in an electric jail for a good 5-second and if you have A DoT still going on , the debuff will still ticking , up to 20 again , and jailed again . Can be dodged with eido ults

    Now About taloc, he has 2 condition , positive or negative status . Each have different pattern of skill

    Screenshot (60).pngScreenshot (61).png

    Left one is positive skills , right one is negative.

    Everything (well almost) Deals Huge amount of damage and casted very fast

    Note also that You have to always keep an eye of the polarity change , because If you have same polarity with taloc , you will heal him instead and the heal amount is ridiculous.

    After killing him A chest will directly appear without any cutscene , so you mihgt want to have a charm activated b4hand. Dont worry ALL Bosses here dont trigger the charm , only the chest.

    and this is also and important place to use charm because the only source of Gold Break defenseis ch.12 chest only

    Chapter 12 Chest

    Ele= lightning

    before we continue ,

    Floor 13-15 have quite high EVA , so having recommended 30%+ acc is a good consideration.

    tho if you want yolo with low acc , then go ahead

    Ch.13 Infernal Glutton

    The fat ugly demon, Gainey spawned upon you once again.

    This floor is pretty straight forward , have the same mechanics as gainey from Cadilla Felwood. but hit harder and worse ofc

    He will periodically spawn his slaves, 5 of them. If the slaves stays alive for too long , they will sacrifice them self to be absorbed by gainey to recover an amount of HP

    His skills are all no element/violent :

    >Multiple Ring AoE , that stuns for a good 5 seconds

    >Small aoe that deals dmg and DoT debuff

    >Small AoE that knock you back up

    this floor is like Dps Test , either killing the minions fast/ or kill gainey , outdps-ing the heal the minions gives

    Chapter 13 Chest

    Ele = Gainey is dark , slaves are Violent

    Ch.14 Thorns Allure

    Ruth has descended to charm you(again) after she failed on titan's root

    This time , Its quite tricky , but not rly.

    Firstly the mechanics, There will be 2 guardians spawning periodically after they go killed.

    Left one which gives 50% dmg bonus to ruth , Resillient tree

    Right one which gives 50% dmg reduction to ruth, Vanguard tree

    Both have same skill , a -25% mspd , and a Cone-shaped Large AoE that knocks you far back ,like 1 and a half multiplier than Fia's knockback on ch.4

    killing right will remove the dmg reduct buff ONLY, and same goes to the left.

    They both have low stats so its not hard to take em down

    There are also a lot of flowers spawning around the room , if you stepped on it , gives a debuff. When it stacks to 3 , stuns you for 3 seconds

    Ruth herself :

    >A small AoE that deals dmg , reduce 40%mspd, and Gives DoT debuff

    >An AoE nocturnal skill that deals dmg , and absorb 10% dmg dealt to heal herself

    >And AoE that gives DoT debuffs

    >Lastly , Bunshin, She will stay out of the field , and summoning clones circularly around the room , you have to kill the 3 clone to take her back to the field.

    there is probably 2 kinds of approach:

    >>> If you are the type to stay still and yolo-ed every attack face to face, you might be screwed , or not at all. The tree knocbacks might put u on flower pretty often. Thus stunning you quite often , OR IF you are lucky person , it knockbacks to nothingness so u are good. Keep and eye for the tree knockback, they will eventually come closer and killed with AoE skills (if you have).

    >>>If you are the type to run around like headless-chicken hitting ruth/trees ,Keep an eye on where are you going.

    Chapter 14 Chest

    Ele= Ruth is Storm , The trees is flame

    Ch.15 Snow Drift

    Von is back , but still the smoll version even though he alrdy grew up on SS dungeon....

    This floor is also feels like Dps Test .

    Periodically , totems will spawned around the room either ice or dark totem , ice and dark just different color but they both the exact same.

    After 4 totems managed to spawnn Von will stay out , and Misaena spawn. However , she is not a threat , cuz very low Stat , its like shes there just for the sake of the mechanics

    After she is killed , Von comes back , With a Full HP.

    So Dont let 4 totem spawn.

    Von itself , is pretty straight forward

    >He attacc , dealing DoT

    >He attacc again, -100%mspd debuff

    Chapter 15 Chest

    Ele = Ice

    Party Chapter 1 Roll the Dice

    Party Chapter 2 Road to Glory

    Party Chapter 3 Seal Reincarnation

    Party will be updated once its stable. Now, inconsistent bugs happening to different ppl.

    I think that pretty much explained How the vault works in general

    If i were to make guides how to clear it , every class have different potential and requirements doing so, so it will be hard

    but i can provide the main neccesitiies for this : Get as much Pen Effect as you can , we can go to 39% pen including class super harming pots and At least 90 Dmg Bonus against bosses.

    Tho it wont guarantee if its just that , each class need their own explaination on how2.

    i Put this video of mine as a reference

    (the time i recorded this im at +25 weapon and totally under-forted gear dun booli :pepecry:)

    Note to self: Renew the vid preview

    *Note - this thread is not 100% complete and might be changed when i discover more detailed things in the future.Also i accept any correction if i made mistakes somewhere

    Big thanks to others who helped me getting infos for this: Rio , Rikun (his SS) , Tsuwuga , Zessen and other anon

    **Note2 - All of this can be nuked easily if you have high dmg , decent gear , detailed stats and etc etc , the only thing to follow prolly ch10 , 11 and 12 and just nuke / 1 shot the rest.

  • you probably should have asked others for more input about this before publishing.


    curb your one shot video alice_derp

    ps: it should be


    the earth blessing will heal , but smoll heal (like rio) so not very usefull.

    CHARGIES! <3 >////<

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  • gud stuff.

    something to add, at chapter 8 you have to get hit by the crystals to get a debuff that makes frederic deal less damage to you otherwise he can nuke you easily if you arent geared enough.

  • gud stuff.

    something to add, at chapter 8 you have to get hit by the crystals to get a debuff that makes frederic deal less damage to you otherwise he can nuke you easily if you arent geared enough.

    oh it is? will add it~ ty


  • Nice guide , tho it wasnt a one shot it was more like "killing it before x20 stacks of debuff" :thumbup:

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  • Additional Note:

    Yellow weapons aren't very effective in this dungeon.

    Ive tested the 90 destr-orange and 95 yellow at same fort level and have found that the orange hits about 10-15% harder than yellow.

    Just fyi if you are struggling and need that extra boost

  • Additional Note:

    Yellow weapons aren't very effective in this dungeon.

    Ive tested the 90 destr-orange and 95 yellow at same fort level and have found that the orange hits about 10-15% harder than yellow.

    Just fyi if you are struggling and need that extra boost

    Vault is basically the only dungeon that orange > gold if you have a destroyer core. The def shred actually makes a huge difference, I've noticed between a lot of tests in the dungeon that destroyer clears always clears faster.

    Daybreak - 95 - Gunslinger

    SoonTM - 90 - Shuriken

    ChubbyBird - 90 - Sorc

    Pachimari - 90 - Lancer

    Snow Vice

    Hydra Phoenix

  • Additional Note:

    Yellow weapons aren't very effective in this dungeon.

    Ive tested the 90 destr-orange and 95 yellow at same fort level and have found that the orange hits about 10-15% harder than yellow.

    Just fyi if you are struggling and need that extra boost

    Go hardcore mode, drop the noct and have both 95 weapon and 90 destroyer orange on hand.

    That's a half-serious suggestion (people should still keep noct in most cases), assuming you've done the dungeon at least a few times and are moderately geared / have a lot of 1% heal potions to autopot / have bard sub / have a noct eido, a nerfed nocturnal core versus bosses probably wouldn't see much use beyond F10, maybe F12 anyways but you really won't be leeching much back from residual effects on F12 while you're caged either with just the noct weapon alone. This is mainly the reason why 95 weapons appear to be underwhelming or lower than what the min-maxers expect for those that don't run with parties, not just inside vault but for the rest of dungeons as well.