[Guide] PvE DPS Guardian

  • Written by: philx495


    Since there is a lack of a dps guardian guide I decided to make one. If you're looking for a guide on being a meatshield tank, then go here EVA Guardian Guide, a guide I wrote many months ago that still works for our current content. If you're bored or want to better fill the role of a tank on Sky Tower floor 14.

    Most if this guide applies to any DPS and is basically just copy and pasted from my duelist guide :) But since most people will only look for guides exactly for their class, here you go.

    You'll still play the role of a tank even if you don't build tanky at all. Guardians are tanky with or without tank gear, and their skills generate a lot of malice themselves. Any guardian built for dps will easily keep aggro from any other dps class without a struggle.

    I hope more guardians build more towards dps rather than full tank, especially those that main tank for Sky Tower. A full tank build is overkill for current content and there's no reason not to sacrifice some tankiness for more damage. With all the guardians I see main "tanking" for Sky Tower these days, might as well run without a tank. They can't properly hold aggro without having to roar every time it's off cooldown. They even spam roar when they're the only one attacking lol.

    I. Basics of DPSing

    II. SubClass

    III. Stats, Weapon Mastery, Masteries, Envoy

    IV. Skills/Rotation

    V. Eidolons

    VI. Equipment

    VII. Food/Drink

    VIII. Examples

    IX. Videos

    I. Basics of DPSing

    Not going to go into much detail here and just post a few links.

    • Very detailed guide on PvE DPS by Desparae

    • %DMG/DMG Reduction Calculations

    • Balancing % CRIT DMG & % DMG

    • Jump casting/Cancelling skills will boost your dps by a great amount due to it allowing auto attacks in between skills.

    • % SPD needed to cap auto attack speed for guardians is 77%. You can achieve this with 50% SPD+2% Regular ATK SPD secret stone+25%(eidolon buff) or 27% SPD+50%(Enthusiasm proc from Lions Roar)

    • 80% in combat CRIT

    • Backstabbing your target lets you deal 50% extra damage. In a party with other DPS it'll be better to just let them back stab.

    II. Subclass

    My opinions on what each subclass has to offer. I'm only going to mention classes that I'd agree with choosing. Classes I don't mention are what I wouldn't recommend for a dps guardian. Pick any sub you like that best suits you.

    • Bard: The best sub to deal the most damage. 12% dmg from Tunes of March is the easiest way to increase a guardian's dps. It's easy to have ballad in a guardian's rotation without feeling that it's a hassle. Ambient Drone's AoE stun can also be a life saver especially when paired with a +5 meter secret stone. If for some reason you lack DEF as a guardian, you can use % DEF Ballad mastery for about 1.5k-2k extra DEF. Only problem with Bard sub is that you have to roll/find a blue/white nocturnal+boss damage harp. Currently there is no orange harp with boss damage until 70 harps come out. I'd also like to mention that if you have elemental damage and elemental armors, your holy notes will pretty much heal you to full. Bard sub offers no combo skills or gap closer. If you find it bothersome to ballad every 7-9 seconds, then you won't benefit much from bard sub.

    • Brawler: Blits for an instant gap closer with a stun and Electrocution if you want a third gap closer, since Windfury is a terrible gap closer(not bad at all when you want to move through dungeons faster). Swift Strike for a flat -DEF. The level 60 crafted katars give a high amount of HP and a +35% C. DMG proc. The gap closers and level 60 katars are really the only reason to choose this sub. Inner Strength provides a quick heal, but isn't that strong without crit damage or elemental damage

    • Duelist: Somersault, an okay gap closer Whirling Dance, Slash Cut's -DEF, combo skills, and Balisong for instant full HP in a crowd of mobs. If you can't afford a nocturnal sub, then grabbing a pair of Zaahir blades is a great subsitute. Zaahir blades have 2% life steal and a chance to proc +8% detailed damage. Guardian/Duelist combo skills have really long animations, so they're really nice to have to use in tight situations.

    • Ranger: Blessing of the Winds(30% chance to deal extra damage), extra burst AoE skills, more flat -DEF, and combo skills. Guardian/Ranger combo skills have really long animations, so they're really nice to have to use in tight situations.

    • Ravager: Ravager isn't as viable as it used to be since rage decays too fast to utilize as a sub. Extra gap closer and ultis can still be nice, but I'd just choose duelist sub. Guardian/Ravager have the shortest combo skills out of the three and have two of the three strongest. Combo skills can do quite a lot of damage and sometimes even more than your regular skills. Since guardian/ravager ultis are strong and short they'll likely increase your dps when adding them into your rotation.

    III. Stats, Masteries, Envoy, Weapon Mastery

    Distributing ATK/DEF Points

    • DMG - All your extra ATK points will go into DMG.

    • CRIT - Spend enough points into CRIT until you have at least 80% unbuffed CRIT. If you find it difficult to reach 80%, use 3-star Bel-Chandra for 15% CRIT.

    • SPD - Don't really need SPD if using Lions Roar. If using any other set try to cap SPD at 50%

    • HP - All the extra points after DEF will go into HP. 15% of your HP goes to damage.

    • DEF - Spend enough points into DEF until you have 75%

    • EVA - Any extra points left after HP will go into EVA

    *You could also aim for at least 90k HP and put the rest of your points into EVA if you can


    General Skills: Booming Shield Bash for dungeons. Splitting Air Cut for bosses.

    Attack Spec: Zeal

    Advanced Skills: Revitalizing Wall or Electrifying Cut. Revitalizing wall is amazing when you have cap evasion. It will pretty much heal you to full if a group of mobs are attacking you.

    Defense Spec: Extreme Speed

    Tactical Spec: Break Defense or Organized Sabotage for dragons and Sky Tower

    Special Skills: The Best Defense. Capoeira if above 21k DEF without best defense.

    Envoy Path

    Important envoys

    Brute Force: DMG increased by 20% of your DEF

    Malicious Stance: +50% malice. Only get if you need help holding aggro.

    Taunt: All attacks generate more malice. Only get if you need help holding aggro

    If you need help keeping aggro in Sky Tower

    Weapon Mastery

    There's only one clear choice and that is the yellow/right path. Left/blue path provides nothing to improve DPS and is still not a good choice for meatshield guardians. Do not be fooled by the left path's improvement to Terrifying Roar. The aggro will still last 6 seconds. The 10 seconds is applied to the -25% move spd. It has one good use and that is roar's ability to pull everything it hits towards you to easily group and kill. Right/yellow path gives you a 10/14% dmg boost, another gap closer better than windfury that gives a +8% dmg buff, and improvements to Thunder Cut and Shield Bash.

    Distributing Weapon Mastery Points

    Move Speed - 15

    CRIT - 30

    Elemental Resistance - 15

    CRIT DMG - Spend however many points you need to cap your c. dmg against bosses

    SPD - Spend however many points you need to cap SPD at 50%

    DMG/HP - All your extra points to either DMG or HP to your preference.

    IV. Guardian Skills/Rotation

    Rotation to keep aggro:

    Shield Bash>Thunder Cut>Sword Slash or any skill you need to use such as Ballad,Phalanx, or a skill for -DEF.

    Shield Bash and Thunder Cut are your main skills for generating malice. With enough detailed % damage you'll be able to keep aggro from any dps by just spamming shield bash and thunder cut.

    Guardian is a pretty simple class. Just rotate throug 3-4 skills and occasionally cast Phalanx and Mirrored Shield. Use terrifying roar to keep mobs off your party members. Keep the boss aggro'd on you and allow your party members to utilize backstrike.

    Sword Slash: Your second strongest skill. Also used to cast -% DEF or DMG on enemies.

    Shield Bash: Your strongest skill and generates the most malice. Has a stun and can be an AoE stun if you use the mastery.

    Thunder Cut: Your best AoE skill and generates the second most malice. This skill's damage can be boosted by having a lightning sword and shield.

    Windfury: A gap closer, but it doesn't exactly take you to your target's location if you're closer than max range. Windfury moves you in a straight line a set amount of distance dealing damage to all enemies in the way.

    Terrifying Roar: A large AoE skill that forces all enemies hit by it to focus target you for 4 seconds. Great skill to use to damage a large crowd of mobs and keep them off our party members. I would only use roar on bosses if you're late to the fight, so you can take aggro. There is no reason you would need roar to keep aggro as a dps guardian. I'd like to point out that using terrifying roar on a boss or any mobs before they die will guarantee loot for all party members alive whether they hit the boss or not.

    Phalanx: Reduces the damage you take by a flat amount and adds -30% damage taken as a main guardian. Should be up at all times with 50% spd.

    Mirrored Shield: Deals a set amount of damage to enemies that hit you. Doesn't really do much, but it's something.


    Bel-Chandra: +25% normal attack speed, +5% flat crit, +10% flat crit

    Yarnaros: +25% normal attack speed, +8% dmg, +16% dmg

    Eligos: +25% normal attack speed, +8% dmg, +16% dmg

    Zaahir: +25% normal attack speed, +5% flat crit, +10% flat crit

    VI. Equipment

    Lvl 60-69:


    You'll want a sword and shield with lightning element

    Adjudicator's Sword and Shield

    Base Damage : 21342

    Base HP : 1962

    Base Defense : 331

    Base Evasion : 762

    DEF +5% Damage taken from bosses -5% Every attack has an 8% chance to Render Judgment, which creates a shield that will negate 30% of Damage taken (up to 10095) for 15 seconds

    Craft this with lightning element and destroyer core. It doesn't really matter the % since it will be temporary and you'll soon upgrade to a level 70 weapon.

    Bloody Rose Sword and Shield

    Base Damage : 22673

    Base HP : 2110

    Base Defense : 356

    Base Evasion : 821

    Max HP +5% Crit Rate of Shield Bash +8% Every attack has an 8% chance to receive the Rose's Blessing, which negates 30% of Damage taken (up to 10676) for 15 seconds

    If you can find a cheap one that has more dmg than your level 60 sns, then go for it. Just remember it's temporary and you'll switch to a level 70 sns pretty soon.

    Jade Forest Sword and Shield

    Base Damage : 28462

    Base Speed : 679

    Base HP : 2774

    Base Defense : 465

    DMG received from Boss Monsters and Elite Monsters -5% DMG dealt to Boss Monsters +10%

    Best sword and shield in the game currently. Craft a high % lightning element. Preferably with a destroyer core. And slap a zeal card onto this weapon

    Six Wings of the Rapture

    Base Damage : 30028

    Base HP : 2959

    Base Defense : 495

    Base Evasion : 1161

    Max HP +3%

    Shield Bash DMG +20%

    Not much better than the 70 sns against bosses. Barely any better that they're pretty much equal. You'll do more damage against mobs which is the only real gain. Costs more to 5-star, need to find one with lightning element, and you can't make use of a destroyer core.

    Subclass Weapons

    Just choose any sub weapon with 10/12% boss damage. Nocturnal prefix if your main isn't nocturnal.

    Also go get yourself a full set of elemental subs. May take awhile and/or a lot of gold to get your full set. Usually it costs me 6k-9k to roll all 6 elements, but some spend 3k or sometimes 10k-15k+. You can also just wait for them to appear on auction house for 500g-1kg.












    Armors (top set)

    If you can't at least +15 your devourer I suggest you use this set. Titan tops provides -15% damage taken from bosses, -5% general damage taken, and a great amount of HP and defense.

    This is the best top set for dealing damage to bosses until you get your full sniper set. Don't be fooled by stats given by revelations and most of the yellow 65 armors. The 15% boss damage allows Devourer to outdps all other top sets except Ambusher and sniper tops paired with sniper bottoms.

    Sniper tops is the best top set for dps when paired with sniper bottoms. Don't go for this set yet until you have your bottom set.

    Armors (bottom set)

    To start off at level 60 you should use this set for the 15% boss damage.

    Best DPS set for levels 65-69. Provides more than enough crit dmg you need and a +50% normal attack speed buff.

    The bottom sniper set is the best dps bottom set in the game. Provides 12% detailed damage which applies to all types of enemies and +30% crit damage to bosses. Has a huge amount of DEF, DMG, SPD, and CRIT. The recipes can be quite expensive, but it'll be worth it. Make sure to craft with imperial cores. You can craft 1 imperial of each and use them. Over time you can use orange restructuring solutions to reroll the stats. If you +18/20 you won't need high % DEF rolls to cap DEF. The DMG, CRIT, and SPD stats would matter more, but doesn't mean you can't have both.


    Talamund's Infernal Whisper, Gekasso's Eye of Insanity, Saint Hale's Divine Band

    Total set stats:

    Base Damage : 1698

    Base Speed : 598

    Base HP : 2470

    Damage +9%

    Crit Damage +12%

    A good and cheap set to start off with.

    Soaring King Set

    A.K.A. the Flokja set. This is the best accessory to use against violent bosses. The proc is every critical hit has a 16% chance to deal 70% bonus damage on the next hit. I recommend you don't waste gold on this set and just get it through dragon points or skip it. the level 70 Blinding Reflection set can be just as good with damage enchantment cards and can be crafted with imperial cores. Downside is that it offers no HP. You should mostly be using elemental accessories anyway if you're not too lazy too to swap.

    Elemental accessories give +30% damage dealt to x element. Also found in the encyclopedia for dragon points.

    Dark Accessories

    Ice Accessories

    Storm Accessories

    Lightning Accessories

    Flame Accessories

    Holy Accessories

    Blinding Reflection Set

    This set is mainly for the move speed. You can craft these accessories with imperial cores for a total of 9% move speed. It's also a good subsitute for Flokja providing some SPD and a lot of CRIT, but no HP. Flokja's zeal is still better for dpsing though. This set can be more viable when accessory fortification comes to our version of Aura Kingdom.


    Malodnak's Sharp Claw

    Use from level 60-69.

    Malodnak's Dark Claw

    Your main trophy until you hit level 70. Craft using an imperial core.

    Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth

    This will be your main trophy at level 70+. Best dps trophy in game. Craft this trophy with an imperial core.

    Elemental trophies can easily be obtained through the encyclopedia with dragons points and Angler's Gold Doubloon from fishing fish kings.

    Flame Trophy

    Ice Trophy

    Dark Trophy

    Storm Trophy

    Holy Trophy

    Lightning Trophy

    Secret Stones

    You should have 2% dmg on all your stones. The second stat can be crit dmg, 1% crit rate, % eva, or % HP.

    To decide whether you should use thunderous or zephyr stones. Thunderous stones if you find it difficult to get more than 80k hp.

    VII. Food/Drink

    Pop Rocks:

    DEF +1180 and Max HP +10% HP

    Exquisite Honey Nut Drink:

    DEF +2083, Max HP +2692, and Max HP +10%

    Best level 70+ defensive drink. Only for those that lack DEF.

    Sweet Flower Cake:

    DEF +2083, EVA +986, and DMG received -5%

    Best level 70+ defensive food. Only for those that lack DEF.

    Royal Jelly Tea:

    EVA +530 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best DPS drink.

    Filet Mignon:

    DMG +1603 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Multigrain Toast:

    SPD +823 and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Condensed Snowdrop Ice Cream:

    DMG +3124, CRIT +986, and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best level 70+ DPS food if you don't need SPD.

    Top-Class Seafood and Greens Teppanyaki:

    SPD +1602, CRIT +986, and 10% chance to deal 90% bonus damage

    Best level 70+ DPS food if you need SPD.

    Fish with Mushroom Sauce:

    CRIT +1180 and +30% CRIT Damage

    Use this food only if you lack crit damage.

    Chef's Special Vanilla Fried Pork Cutlet:

    CRIT +1602, SPD +986 and CRIT Damage +30%

    A better version of the fish fillet. It provides the same amount of crit damage, but more CRIT and it even gives SPD. Use if you lack crit damage.

    VIII. Examples

    Go to the Post Your Stats! thread in the guardian section. You'll mostly find tanky guardians, but there's a few DPS guardians in the last 10 or so pages.


    IX. Videos

    The only recording I have of me playing my guardian. I might record more gameplay if requested, but I currently never plan to.

    Landing Solo w/ full+20 Snipers

    3-Man ST 1F-15F(accidentally stopped recording after 15F) You can just skip to 15F to see that I don't lose aggro to a ravager with maxed out gear