HS PvP Build

  • Written by: Flurppin


    Tis but a simple guide to help ya'll gear up properly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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    Lightning is the only element that you should even consider using for your main weapon. Your sub element really doesn't matter and shouldn't affect your gameplay at all.

    ~Armors n Accessories

    Nemesis armor provides a lot of offensive stats for both flat and detailed. Since the player defensive caps for PvP has been the same since forever, you can easily cap player damage reduction which is set at -75% from using the full DPS set. Also you gain dankps from the good amounts of player CRITDMG and DMG that it provides. Dawnwalker isn't very effective due to the mass overcapping of player damage reduction and what not. Also, it makes you a wet noodle in terms of damage. You basically get extra HP and maybe -10 crit damage reduction while sacrificing a lot of damage/critdmg if you use Dawnwalker. So don't.

    Armor element should be violent so you don't take additional damage from certain abilities. It's basically the neutral element.

    Oh and use NEMESIS accessories as well.


    Ahhh the dreaded lvl 85 trophies. It's almost required for you to be lvl 85 to PvP so you can use these broken trophies. Some classes might not need them as much as others. (Depends on what you're playing and how you're built. Glass cannon etc) The 3 main trophies you use are Twin Hearted Split Personality / Keres' Wishlist / Manticore's Storm Lament. Most people tend to use Keres / Twin combo for the CAP eva and insane -30 general dmg reduction. I don't really have the need to switch to Manticore but if I do need to, I would switch Twin with Manti.



    I usually use +15% Lightning Skill dmg / 15% Movement speed emblem. I just switch them out when one or the other is needed. My 15% Lightning Skill DMG emblem is my primary one though.

    ~Secret Stones

    Weapon: I use Lava Secret Stones (7%DMG/2%CRIT) for both of my weapons. HS have a good amount of hp from their envoy and class envoy node so Thunderous isn't really needed. (The -2% dmg reduc from thunderous really doesn't matter / make a difference nor does the extra HP.)

    Armors: I don't know why people still think using 6/-2 is good. 2DMG/-2 provides far more damage than the useless 6% crit damage you get from each stone. If you use full nemesis you'll have around 500%+ crit dmg. If you need more against a clown -crit dmg reduction user you can switch to Manticore. You get a stable amount of crit dmg from your Armors already so no need to add more from SS.

    JUST GET 2DMG/-2 PLEASE (This is for almost all classes.) If you don't then... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you're boosted.



    This is the ideal buffs you can get for your eidolon. It doesn't need to be exact. If you don't have enough gold to get all of the buffs, you can just try to reroll the 3-star buff for 30% Lightning Skill Damage. I was using 8% DMG 20% CRITDMG 30% Lightning for a while because I didn't have scrolls.

    ~Costumes and Foods

    For costumes you should get:

    Hat: 2% HP (Base) / 4% DMG against Players (Card) / 3% HP (Card)

    Facemask: -2 dmg tkn (Base) / Ballad (Card) / -3 dmg tkn (Card)

    Costume: -2 dmg tkn (Base) / +10% Crit damage against enemy players (Card) / -3% dmg tkn (Card)

    Ornament: 2% DMG (Base) / 5% movement speed (Card) / 3% DMG (Card)

    Weapon: 5% Accuracy (Base) / Divine Sermon increased lvl (Card) / 3% Accuracy (Card)

    Foods: Royal Jelly Tea (For Zeals) + Gourmet Creme Brulee / Starlight Platter (More Zeals)


    This is what I use.




    You can use Deep Blue instead of Best Defense for 1v1's.

    You can also change the Tactical Spec to whatever you want/need

    ~Weapon Spec


    Here's my detailed stuff if you're interested.


    This basically sums it all up.

    ~Note~ This is just my ideal build and doesn't mean you have to copy it exactly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's all up to you.