[AKUS] Minimal Client Installer

  • Hey there!

    Having trouble downloading the game through the Aeria Games Aura Kingdom Web client like this error, and you don't wanna download through Steam? The minimal client is the thing for you!

    What is a minimal client installer?

    It consists of Aura Kingdom's game launcher and a few configuration files and acts as an alternative web client downloader for the whole game itself. Once the Launcher is ran, it will automatically download all necessary files needed for Aura Kingdom to work.

    Aura Kingdom System Requirements

    File Name: AKUS Minimal Client
    File Size: 1.61 MB
    File Type: ZIP Archive (.zip)
    File Host: Google Drive
    Contents: ✔ Launcher.exe
    ✔ Banner.ini
    ✔ connect.ini
    ✔ connects.ini
    ✔ LauncherMod.ini
    ✔ locate.ini
    ✔ WebBrowser.dll
    ✔ avital folder
    >> hxsken.sys
    >> hxsken64.sys
    >> hxsy.sys
    >> hsxy64.sys
    How to Use: 1. Download the file through Google Drive (link below)
    2. Extract the ZIP file to wherever you wish
    3. Run Launcher.exe as admin and let it download over time
    4. After it fully loads, press "Start" to continue playing Aura Kingdom

    Download the Minimal Client

    Client VirusTotal Scan

    The file has been approved by the Staff as an alternate way of downloading the game without the use of the web client and Steam. Hopefully, this helps and works out for you!




    Disclaimer: The file itself was provided by someone back then in the old forum before it was deleted. If anyone knows who they were, please let me know below so we can credit them properly. Thanks!