First time "Centurion Battlefield"

  • Yesterday a few people (mainly Har from Cupcakes and Lylun from Doombringers decided to start one of these Centurion Battlefields. Many of us were really skeptic about this "gear-less" PVP, but since we on Phoenix somehow love Holy vs. Evil (and it's starting ALOT, even before the ranklist-reward changes). So we thought we give Centurion another try.

    There were three/two rounds (the video was the first round) and at this point I'm going to quote Har, since I wasnt there for the last (two) round(s).

    Har, Leader of CupCakes wrote:

    I recorded the whole thing for research purposes and I noticed that in the 2nd match we all got kicked with 21 people
    1st match we started it with 41 players
    3rd match we started it with 41 players as well(edited)

    so it takes about 30 people to start it now? I wonder why they raised it back to 15 vs 15

    I'm trying to figure out if it's 15 vs 15 or 20 vs 20

    Edit: I think it's 15 vs 15, it kind of make sense. everyone was telling me 15 when they actually meant 15 vs 15 I bet

    So we think it needs 30 people to start, which is a lot for a "dead game" (shout-outs to all "game is dead qq"- cri kids). Tho it started two times.

    Short description for people, who haven't played it yet:

    You have to choose between three different classes. DPS, Tank and Healer.

    Your goal is to archive more points than the enemy team and the npc team (which are Varans that are hostile to the player. They also hurt). You get points by supporting your allies, killing other people and by capturing towers.

    My first impression was general confusion, but that is normal with these "gearless" / "class changing" PVP modes I guess.

    Second impression was: If your support doesn't use the movespd skill... YOU ARE SO DAMN SLOW. (I had that problem in HvE too tho)

    Same as Holy vs. Evil the best strategy is to group up. I felt like it's really necessary to bring all classes to the fight. But that is no bad thing: Every class has the chance to get kills. I had the most success with support and tank. The cooldown of skills are kinda okay on this game mode, it doesn't feel you are waiting 10 years for your skills :'D!

    Other than in holy vs evil, I have no problem to identify my opponent (which class they now have).

    My conclusion is, that this game mode is worth playing for those who want to get on the rank-list and farm valor coins. The game-pace feels kinda clunky, but I think that gets better with more experience with this game mode. Another negative point is, that many people who'd like to play this game mode, are simply living in a timezone, where you cannot come to the 4:20pm Centurion.

    So we probably won't get to play with most of our Asian / some Europe friends.mousad

    If you are on Phoenix and want to make it start, don't hesitate to speak to your guildleader (if he is in our AKGA [Guildleader Alliance]), it is easier to promote these game modes as a group of guilds!

    (If you are a guildleader and have interest in joining this alliance-discord, pm me)

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  • :AK6: bring back old Cent, was by far the most fun pvp game mode.

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  • :AK6: bring back old Cent, was by far the most fun pvp game mode.

    I personally think so too, but this here is the chance to get PVP more active again :/. Since we never got Cent or Valley to start anyway, it's not a bad change.

    It just needs some tweaks :AK19:

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