[Phoenix] 7thLegion

  • Hello Some of you may know me on AKUS as Indard. And the characters I have played.

    Recently some of my guildmates on star wars the old republic showed interest in this game and they have been slowly flocking to it.

    I set up a guild for them on phoenix since that is where I play Along with a youtube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwep291i1ifHZf6N4i-Ln2A) That is where I will upload content.

    I will be doing a let's play of aura kingdom. As a holy sword. I will be recording it and the recording software puts it into bits and pieces so i'll have to merge all that on my linux

    (I got increased storage on my google drive)

    Not sure how to get OBS to record... I suppose I could do that and edit out the display capture start and finish.

    We also have a discord. Guild members only.

    It makes me very happy to help people get into this game. I will be doing what I can to assist them.

    Until then Have fun.

    7th Legion High Commander Indard. (yes that is my guild rank and name on discord)

    had to do 7thLegion to get the name.

    Uh please be nice. 1st time running a guild that wasn't just something i had to throw alts into. (like on WoW)

  • So the guild is called 7thLegion?

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  • yeah it is called 7thLegion.

    I do want to help carry them as well... However that also means I need to +20 everything.

    Accessories are at +4-5 and Armor is at +9-10

    ... going to be expensive