<GS>Darmawan signing off

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been getting busy with life in general (especially with college projects and such), and along with lack of time and motivation for AK, I have decided to leave the GS team.

    Some of you may have noticed, some may not care, some may be sad, and hell, some may not know who I am, or maybe some think this is a good news. Well, how you interpret this news is up to you.

    I'll apologize for the mistakes I did, and I'll thank everyone for all the fun experience. If you wanted to thank me too, you're welcome.


    For Rio and Sair, thank you for teaching me and keeping me in line.

    For Karuta, thank you for teaching and reminding me about events.

    For Rikun, thank you for the great fun from talking and memes, also wkwkwk.

    For Tsuruga, thank you for various in-game knowledge and info you shared.

    For HoneyBoy, thank you for the various talks about pretty much everything, especially gaming, which is obviously one of the things I like.

    For Trainees, you're all doing well, but I'm sure you can improve with the various feedback we've given.

    For LadyAelyn and Dabi(if you're still around), thank you for being together with me as a trainee.

    For Lottus, thank you for moving into and becoming a US-only CM, and thank you for taking care of AKUS and making things more lively.

    For Anubis, thank you for helping with various things too when you got time.

    For Scarface, thank you for being a lion that keeps scaring me- jk, thank you for sharing some info about the game, especially the hard to confirm ones.

    For Adrivian (if you're also still around), thank you for being a great US-only CM and taking responsibility of AKUS while you were there.

    For all the staff team members, thank you for everything. It's been great, I can feel the teamwork and dedication, and yet I feel relaxed enough to do GS duties without overworrying. In fact, it feels fun and I'll miss you guys.


    For Phoenix, thank you for participating in my events, talking with me in world chat/whisper, reporting stuff to me to make my life easier (or harder), and giving me feedback.

    For AKUS ID community, thank you for welcoming me, and thank you for chatting me when I hop there sometimes.

    For AKUS community, thank you everyone, for talking with me from memes to stuff borderline rulebreaking that I have to warn. For the feedback from good constructive ones to troll feedback. For the reports and tags even though sometimes it wakes me up when I'm sleeping.


    Finally, thank you Lin, my love, for being with me the whole time, helping me with worry and anxiety from stuff like my first event, and making things more fun and feeling better than it will ever be.

    Remember that this is just a step forward, Lin. Don't be sad, I'll go for even greater things for us, I promise. And we'll always be together through these.


    Thank you for reading (or scrolling down skipping stuff) up to this point, I'll stick around maybe for a while, though don't expect me to be that active anymore, if I'm active at all.

    Again, if something I did or said or written was wrong or bad, I apologize.

    This is not the end, I'm just stepping forward and moving on. Perhaps we'll cross path again, but until then, see you.

  • You have now been free from enslavement~

    For now hue~



    IGN: <GS>Chieria | Server: Chimera | Discord ID: ChieriaValeria#4634
    Class: Holy Sword / Shinobi | Guild: Catalyst |
    Lvl: Slv3