Seasonal events in game (paragon content as well)!

  • Seasonal events have always brought a unique atmosphere to any game at different times of the year. For instance, Valentine's Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...Having more of them in AKUS would be pretty refreshing.

    We have all witnessed the special Halloween event, and the new decoration around Navea, which is really great. The thing about these events, however, is that only a very small number of players benefit from them, and even a 5,000 RC wouldn't be enough to reward the rest of the talented participants for their hard work. Allowing other players in game to enjoy any seasonal spirit would actually be great.

    Making special seasonal paragon tables can be a very nice method to bring joy to everybody in game. I know that it can be "hard" to create paragon tables all the time, but putting thought and effort into paragon tables to support any joyful spirit is, what I believe, what players deserve in AKUS. Creating a special Halloween themed paragon table, for example, shouldn't be a problem. Many items already exist in game, but other than paragon tables we really have no other way of obtaining them, unique house items, furniture, costumes, Eidolons...etc.

    halloween item.png

    and there is more.

    I'm pretty sure other players have more creative suggestions for events in game, not that we're greedy for more, I just think we need more fair, fun events that suit every player in game, not only part of them.

    I wish everybody a very spooky and happy Halloween, and hope everybody enjoys any holiday they celebrate, wherever you're from and despite your different beliefs, whether it was in game or in real life. kirbyheart

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    I second those house items!


    I take full joy in decorating my house, and I redecorate it depending on the season or holiday.


    Having seasonal items to use is always a joy. Yet seeing those items in the preview but never having a chance to use them. Makes me think that they will come out in an event, limited daily quest, or paragon.


    Though when they don't, I can't help but feel disappointed as an avid house decorator. For each player their own when it comes to enjoying the game. For us house designers, no mater how few. When even one furniture comes out for us to get. I think I speak for most of us, we get super excited! Then need to go in design mode!


    I'd love to see them used more often!

  • Hi hello hey kirbyheart

    It's almost Valentine's day & I thought many players would appreciate an access to the following items that have been in game for way too long:

    vday items.png

    There are many more items in game that would fit the theme just perfectly!
    Maybe create a Valentine's special paragon to celebrate the event? Just an idea. moogle
    Hopefully we will be surprised with very nice things this Valentine's day! kirbyheart

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