Switch to ryzen chip

  • I upgraded my computer to a ryzen 5 chip and now the game keeps freezing on me. It is either the chip or a switch to 64 bit. Anyone have a solution.

  • Have a desktop with a ryzen 5 and 23 inch screen and then got a laptop with a ryzen 3 and 15 inch screen. Issue shows up on both computers. Prior to this had a AMD A12 and had no problem.

  • There are indeed many kinds of freezing. It might be related to the servers, or the internet connection, or the incompatible drivers, or maybe it's the hardware, or simply because the game itself is never really optimized. Describing how it appears, for how long and whatever you think it might be related will help us pinpoint the problem better.

    About the game, did you keep/copy the old game files to the new one or fresh install? If it was the former, you may try perform a clean uninstall and fresh install the game all over again. If it was the latter, you may also perform a full scan and reset all settings to default and see if it helps.

    Also, by Ryzen do you mean the Ryzen with APU (integrated graphic) like the Ryzen 5 2400G? If so, are you using the APU or do you have a discrete graphic card? This game never seem to work really well with the AMD graphic as I personally see most of the complains came from AMD users. One way is to try to tweak with all the settings and hopefully find out there's one that will work out.

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