[Suggestion] NPC Disassembler

  • After a long day of farming and running dungeons the last thing you will want is to sit there opening Weapon and Armor boxes to fragment one by one, going thru your inventory pages.

    With the introduction of Fragment Scrolls


    Something really cool could happen. As seen in some other games, you have a NPC that will dismantle everything for you and just give the end result for the player.

    The NPC for AK would be similar.


    • You give X amount of Weapon/Armor boxes for the NPC
    • He gives back a Fragment Scroll correspondent to the amount* that you would get fragmenting one by one.
    • Even if some items give different amounts of Fragments, The amount value could be rounded depending on what Level the box is.
    • When using the Disassembler you would lose some of the fragments. That way you would be having a downside or punishment of using the NPC to save your time.

    * :The min. amount could be locked at 500 Fragment Scrolls and max. 5,000 Fragment Scrolls. So you'll only get the Scroll if you use certain amount of boxes to achieve the number necessary to get the scroll, that way you can't just use 1 or 2 boxes and get a scroll.

    Another function for the NPC is transforming the fragments already in your character into scrolls.

    Getting 30,000 fragments isn't that difficult, but what if I am unlucky with Fortifications or just know that its gonna take more then 30,000 fragments to get the gear to the point that I want?

    Well, I'll just use the fragments scrolls that I saved up before hand knowing that I would need more than just 30,000 fragments.


    • Transforming 10,000 fragment into 10,000 Fragment Scrolls (Non-Tradable)
    • Transforming 20,000 fragment into 20,000 Fragment Scrolls (Non-Tradable)
    • Transforming 30,000 fragment into 30,000 Fragment Scrolls (Non-Tradable)**

    Being tradable or not can be discussed, that way people who don't have time to farm and transform the boxes into fragments can just buy the fragments scrolls to use for fortification. Again, open for discussion.

    **: Using a 30,000 Fragment Scrolls when you already have X amount left, will result in losing that amount since it has cap.

    The introduction for this game mechanic could be done the same way as the others are, by a quest that makes you Disassemble or show a video (like its done with Secret Stones). Can be introduced on higher levels, that way it is not confusing for new players, since there's a lot to learn on this game.

    It's a simple game mechanic that could save a lot of downtime of the game.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions that could make this better feel free to share it!


  • Yes, a very cool idea. 30000 is no where near the amount needed to fort your gears up in the days of +30 and lv90+ gears so having to stop half way and find more frags is really annoying. When they introduced the +30, they should have done something to ease the process like this already.

    What's better than a cute loli? More cute lolis.

    Gotta love this game.