Patch Notes 47

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    <( ̄︶ ̄)> Wake up! ╰(▔∀▔)╯


    Back to the roots, back to level ONE!

    You don’t believe us?!?! (¬_¬;)


    It’s so fancy, so red! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    To awaken your character you have to finish the story line of Secret Forest Lake map. Afterwards you need to reach level 99 with 99% and the awakening quest Lv99. Hidden Secrets will trigger automatically.

    After finishing the awakening quest line you will be back to level 1, get a fancy new panel and that’s it! (>ω^)

    Jokes aside, these are the changes to your character as soon you hit level 101:

    • The calculation for %CRIT, %SPD, %DEF and %EVA changes
    • Over-capping CRIT past 100% results now in an increase of your CRIT DMG CAP, with a maximum of 50%
    • Over-capping EVA past 95% (97% for duelist left path) gives now true EVA (TEVA?) with a maximum of 20%
    • You will not be able to do any Navea daily cooking and collecting quests
    • You will not be able to use monster books
    • Changed damage behavior versus non-awakened enemies
    • You will obtain the golden Beebis, Lightning Ostrich Beebis
    • You will obtain either 'Ultra Cute Leopard Shar' or ‘Ultra Killer Whale’


    There is a calculator here

    (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ ~

    With this you will be able to calculate more or less your CRIT DMG increase by overcapping CRIT with your primary hand, but also against specific targets like bosses.

    These values are not shown ingame, only the general overcap.


    A new level cap comes with new maps. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

    Let’s take a look at them!

    Secret Forest Lake

    The idyllic lake is surrounded by dense trees and the people living here live a peaceful and prosperous life, but after the arrival of the devils the original peaceful landscape changed to a field of war.


    Hidden Valley

    The mysterious canyon is surrounded by thick fog. Inside its temple many evil beings are sealed, but they try to grasp freedom once more, only to bring death and despair.




    Following the Taiwanese schedule of the game, these maps don’t contain any dialogues, hidden quests or archeology, yet. These features will come at a later date ( ゚o⌒).

    Green fishes and plants will stay extinct on these maps __φ(..).


    But what would be new maps without the regional nom-noms? ┌༼ σ ‸ σ ༽┐

    Nothing! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ ʱªʱªʱª But just where to get them....


    Two new dungeons! く(^ー゚)ノ

    The small tree hole on Secret Forest Lake that looks like a death trap is actually the entrance to the ancient Tree Cave (Solo)/Tree Cave (Party). Inside you must be cautious, otherwise one misstep will lead to a fatal death Σ(°ロ°). Gruesome monsters are awaiting careless envoys of Gaia.

    You need to be at least level 95 to enter the dungeon.

    Bosses have a chance to drop level 90 unidentified armor formulas.

    After slicing up monster bellies you have a chance to harvest ingredients for cooking the new dishes |д・).


    The temple entrance on Hidden Valley leads to leads to Obscura Temple (Solo)/ Oscura Temple (Party). Entering the holy temple is not permitted for unworthy beings. Only blessed envoys who have awakened their true potential will be able to enter these holy grounds.

    You need to be at least level 101 to enter the dungeon.

    Bosses have a chance to drop level 101 unidentified armor formulas.

    Bosses have a chance to drop level 95 gold weapons.

    After slicing up monster bellies you have a chance to harvest ingredients for cooking the new dishes (((●~.


    Both dungeons have currently the solo mode and the team mode available.


    You like beetles?!? (°ロ°) !

    You better do! Because of Tyr’s and Ayako’s Gaia Chronicle Beetle Event!

    Fight gigantic beetles and have a chance at obtaining Unique Imperial Bug or Rare Golden Holy Beetle.


    While for most of you Halloween time is loooong in the past, in Azuria the clocks are ticking different! (〃 ̄▽ ̄〃)_・)

    It’s now “Nightmare before Christmas” so until the next patch you can enjoy the scary ride of the Halloween event!

    Head over to Cactakara Forest and finish all the Halloween-Quests!

    Coordinates: [X392 Y128] and [X279 Y430]

    Get a hand on this exclusive Halloween decoration for your house! ┐(・。・┐) ♪



    Bug fixes (ノ≧∀≦)ノ:

    • Eirene’s Frozen Snowball didn’t cause stun immunity to trigger
    • Wizard’s Storm Curse had issues to trigger the additional elemental glyph (you can still proc 2x the same glyph but that is intended)
    • Wizard’s Fireball didn’t trigger the additional Zeal effect
    • Guardian’s War God’s Aegis Secret stones were changed from “Decrease cooldown by 10%/20%” to “Increase duration by 1s/2s”
    • Tachi’s Soul Storm had no animation
    • Angelic Halberd and Faye’s Lunar Tachi weren’t displayed as Lancer in fight

    Changes (ノ゚▽゚)ノ:

    • Added special Christmas Login-Rewards for December
    • Auction House and Encyclopedia can now filter for awakening items (level 101+)
    • 4* Eidolons are now able to reach level 99
    • Character XP-Curve Adjustment for level 91~99
    • Small adjustments to the level 60 bosses Banoleth and Bisolen
    • Hades Loading Screen has been applied
    • Megaphones have been added to the day 7/14/21/28 boxes again for a total of 100 megaphones a month

    Known issues (/・・)ノ!!!!!:

    • There were technical issues with the localization files which leads to not optimized translations. The current translations are not final and are about to change with one of the future patches.

    Good luck and much fun!

    Your Aura Kingdom team

  • Heya!

    Fix Update 29.11.2018:

    • Some missing mounts to archive added
    • Missing Skill points fixed after awakening fixed (you need to do a level up to receive them - ppl who were 105 already need to kill 1 monster for a re-level up)
    • Visual error for costume Custom Dread Wyrm's Heavy Armor (M)
    • Spawn location for the latest 2 fish kings
    • Achievement issue with card duel achievements
    • Guardian Knight quest issue for awakened players