<gs>Ashamed’s Farewell

  • Hello everyone :wave: it’s nice to talk to you all again~ I have good news for some and unfortunate news for others. I’ll be officially resigning from the GS team as of now. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the people I worked with <3 I only wish I had done more and tried harder to correct my mistakes~ I made a promise to myself that after I finished my term as a gs (however long it was) I would also be quitting AK for good ^^” so you likely won’t ever hear from me again. If you for some reason need to contact me my discord hasn’t changed from Ashamed#0001, although I may not immediately reply. Thank you everyone in the community for all the fun times we spent together ^^ and good luck to the GS Staff, incoming new trainees (they know who they are) and all the Phoenix GS in particular because I love Phoenix uwu. Lastly, thank you Lottus for being such a wonderful CM and Scar for being a great PC. I hope this message receives you all well, whether you were begging for me to leave or sad to see me go. Have a wonderful life everyone kirbyheartAsh~