[Intro] <gs>Joxaren

  • Greetings fellow Aura Kingdom players, I hope your day is filled with rainbows and unicorns!

    My name is Joxaren and will from now on be a part of the Game Sage Team on Phoenix server. I put my foot into Aura Kingdom the first time 23rd of December 2013. It was one small step for me but a great leap for humankind. Most of the time i have spent as a Gunslinger while going back and forth between different classes, but never found any other class that i liked as much until I tried Lancer.

    If you ask about my nationality i would probably anwer ”All-around scandinavian”. I am from Finland but I have strong connections to both Sweden and Denmark. If you have any questions (especially about Card Duels or Housing) or need guidance, you can find me in game as <gs>Joxaren or on Discord (Joxaren#3768).

    I am looking forward to see you all around in the game! ^_^