Christmas Coins! - December 2018

  • It's Holiday season, everyone! Let's have an eventful one together :AK13:


    Like last year, we will be giving "Christmas Coins" as prizes. This will be an intangible currency.

    Currency will be non-transferable and non-convertible to anything besides the mentioned Christmas prizes

    All in-game GS events & Discord events related to this event will give Christmas Coin Prizes.

    Here's the # of coins per event.


    We will be tracking your coins on our side, so you can ask any GS in-case you forget how many you have.

    Prizes & Prize Redemption

    We have put together a prize list that you will be able to choose from to redeem your coins. Check it out!

    **Please take note of the restrictions at the bottom of the picture.**


    To redeem your prizes, please fill out this form.

    **Note that prizes are not allowed to be gifted to other players**
    Anyone caught trying to work around this will be disqualified from the entire event.


    Please PM me on Discord (Karuta#0087) for any questions you may have regarding the event.

    Thank you! Good luck & have fun rudecat9