Patch Notes 48

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    ⋆͛*͛ ͙͛ ⁑͛⋆͛*͛ ͙͛ ☆ Happy Xmas ☆ ⋆͛*͛ ͙͛ ⁑͛⋆͛*͛ ͙͛ ~(✿◕ᴗ◕)ノ


    Solo and Team too easy? No worries! (ง ื▿ ื)ว

    This patch features Solo Extrem and Hell modes of Tree Cave and Obscura Temple!

    This doesn’t just mean more XP and drops – but also new challenges and Eidolons to farm!

    In Hell mode of both dungeons there is a chance that either Harmonia or Dante may challenge you to a fight of life and death.

    Be prepared for them! (°ロ°)9 !



    Last patch you got Secret Forest Lake and Hidden Valley but they felt empty, right? (¬‿¬ )

    Then let’s fill them! Now you can run around, listen to people and their stories or go on small adventures with new oddities.

    Get them all and their achievements! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ



    Eidolon Guild Hall Spawn Event!

    ヾ(^ω^*) ヾ(^ω^*)

    YES IT IS BACK! (*°ー°)ノ
    (until next patch)

    Get new daily quests from NPC Henrik and finish them to obtain Fragments of the Eidolons’ Soul! Fuse 4 fragments together to get a summon stone and then summon the Eidolons together in your Guild Hall for your guild members!

    The following Eidolons will be featured in this Event!




    In Port Skandia you will see now a really huge Christmas tree! Around the tree several NPCs have gathered who will provide you with new daily event quests.

    Finish them to gain access to the snow ball feature! With this awesome feature you can transform others and yourself to various things!

    You can also trade the rewards for special Christmas housing decoration! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ



    Dragon Point System Changes! ∑(O_O;)

    • Golden dragon points are now counting towards the rewards too
    • An additional reward has been added, for 500k dragon points
    • You can obtain all rewards twice
    • A new currency, Dragon Coins, can be obtained as reward
    • Stay tuned for more info regarding Dragon Coins – don't throw them away! Σ(°ロ°)

    Bug fixes

    • Awakened players are able to do the daily activities again!
    • Christmas boxes were replaced by non-tradable versions

    Good luck and much fun!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

  • Patch-Fix 20.12.2018

    • Santa Ayako und Santa Tyr: You can accept the gift from linking
    • Charakter-Interface: DMG and HP overview fixed
    • Tree Cave (solo hard and solo) fixed to 1 entry
    • Boss Shield for Banoleth and Bisolen lasts 20 Seconds
  • Hi AK team,

    You forgot to mention that certain bosses have more stats / hit harder / are more tanky now as of the 20.12.2018 patch. I got surprised when Bel'chandra and Kotonoha started doing more damage than usual in Gaia Trial. Might also apply to bosses in other dungeons.