Help me please ty up

  • How to get fast farm gold or fast farm imperial lvl 80 set what is better hunt mat and craft or sell mat and buy imperial core ? Im confuse what is better because in my 1year playing ak im lvl 98 now but my set is stalking lw lw that trash core help me how to get imperial set on lw what is better give me some guide and tips ty

  • It's more cost effective to craft it yourself. Decent ways to make gold are by crafting food items/alchemy and selling it to players, farming dungeons for recipe drops, and playing the paragon table with the weekly RC from the LP shop

  • Thanks how about you what are ypu dping hunt mat and craft or getting gold and buy core?

    I know you wern't really asking me for this but I'd like to share some of my thoughts as well. I agree with Sair, the methods he told you are great methods for gaining money. As for the cores (as you're looking for Imperial Cores.) the prices of Imperial lv.80 cores dropped as most will be running lv.90 cores at this point. In my opinion I'd much rather buy the lv. 80 cores than craft them myself because it's gonna cost more to keep getting mats to craft (assuming you're also buying the mats from AH and not purely farming the mats.) Because Imperial Cores are rare to get and it's really all down to RNG. I wouldn't let my fate rest on the RNG if the cores are on for reasonable prices now. (I would craft spam for the level 90 cores tho! Those are rather expensive and the RNG might give them much sooner. I don't want to be paying 10K+ for lv.90 imp cores >-<)