A Useless AF Guard Info Drop

  • As many of you people know im Shayeth a Tank Guard and since i jsut hit S1 imma be dropping a bit of info on tank stuff (not that anyone cares)

    First of all my stats:


    +20 Feyna Hat with +15 chest and +10ish Feyna bots (i got lazy)

    Anyway i've been around block a few times seeing different ways people play guardian from from pure tank to pure dps with lance sub,
    I'm here just to toss what information i know about my preferred class here on the forums just in case people wanna know what kind of guard fits them.

    First on my list is Tank Guard:

    with this style of guard you stack hp and defensive stats like Def and Hp mainly, what others say about this style is "Useless"

    you're not needed as a tank casue theres no need for Tanks unless you like the style then go for it other then that dont really do it unless you want to troll in pvp or seomthing wacky like that
    Viable Subclasses



    Next is Pure DPS Guard pretty simple use dps gears ike Sniper or Lordswrath and you'll be fine grab yourself a Nocturnal sub weapon and i'll be aight

    Main Stats are Damage and CRIT (guards have a low base crit rate since the weapons dont give it)

    Viable Subs



    Ranger (Bow)


    Ravager (if you really wanna do that)

    the next few styles are a bit weird but who knows maybe you'll love it some how
    Hybrid Tank/DPS

    Where you mainly focus on tank stats and dps stats later but both are important to your build where as a DPS guard would have say 300k hp you'd have around 450k+

    Taking advantage form main guard envoy (15% of hp to base damage) and Brute Force (75% of Def to Dmg) you'll hit a bit harder but thats about it

    Main Stats Hp and Dmg

    Hybrid Dps/Tank

    this ones just a flip on the previous one you use a bit more def styled dps gears like using Lordswrath with an Eva Accessory set like Peerless Beauty Set so you can take a bit more damage

    Thats all i really gotta say about this one its just a different version of the Hybrid build with a bit more tank then dmg

    That covers all the "styles" of Guardian next is skills and how they work with Weapon Mastery

    Sword Slash: most basic of basic skills for Guard swing three times while reducing your damage taken by a flat amount

    Shield Bash: pretty much a pimp slap with your shield dealing the highest base damage out of your skills while giving a stun for up to 5 seconds* while genning Malice

    Absolute Defense: "what does this do again?" reduce incoming damage by 75% while reflecting 150% of damage back as well as blocking lines and party members reflect flat dmg back**

    Windfury: a movement skill taking you along a line dealing damage to anything in front of you after its done you gain another 20% move speed for 4 seconds*

    Mirrored Shield: Hey look for a class that uses a shield we don't get one till about level 9 Reflect flat damage while having a 30% chance to reflect incoming Auto Attack Damage

    Thunder Cut: Hey look something useful, Main dps skill attack a half circle in front of you while decresing move speed of targets by 30%* while Genning Malice

    Phalanx: A simple tank skill reducing damage taken byt a flat amount while reducing it by 30% if main Guard simple is as simple does**

    Terrifying Roar: A Malice generation skill summons and AoE dealing dmg and genning Malice making you the target for anything unluckily caught in the AoE as it reducing all stats by 10%**

    Defensive Posture: Defensive party buff thats is increse Def by Flat and 5%

    War Gods Aegis: Decreses Dmg tken by 90% (and i mean ALL damage i'll talk more about it later)

    Thunder of Divine Judgement: Gap closer while increasing base dmg by 8%

    Storm Warrior

    Bash increase AoE and Stun duration

    T-Cut more damage and firing out little lighting blades

    Windfury more damage and being able to cast twice

    Divine Shield Path

    AD when attacked pulls in enemies in an AoE while dealing damage back

    Phalanx less Dmg tken while the effect is passed onto party members

    Terrifying Roar Pulls enemies in while slowing them

    Hey look im starting to see the end of this tunnel i decided the climb into

    just wanna touch on a few things before i leave,

    "Malice" the amount of aggro you have on mobs/bosses there could be a full +30 Lance/Shuri in your party but you as a levle 50 guard could have the bosses attention thats Malice

    Im not sure on math behind it so lets just chock it up to when you use a skill you tease the boss by tickling the toes or something

    Next i know imma get at least a few questions about the Envoys so lemme knock some of them down right now the required envoys you'll need are

    Screenshot (28).png

    Shield of Retribution (top left

    Taunt (bottem left)

    All three Guardian Masteries and Brute Force (bottem right

    How you get to them is up to you

    Some optional ones are

    Malicious Stance (above Taunt)

    Sharpened Senses (top right)

    Guardian Studies (top left)

    Shield Bash Masteries (Beside Brute Force)

    Thunder Cut Masteries (below Guardian Masteries/Brute Force)

    Windfury Masteries (below Sharpened Senses)

    And lastly Prickliness (beside Sharpened Senses)

    Again how you go for these is up to you jsut keep in mind that the ones circled in the picture are the ones you MUST take

    I haven heard of soem guards ditching Brute Force if thats your choice do as you wish

    Now then i think i've ran out of stuff to talk aobut so imma leave you with this a small bit of personal knowledge

    When using War Gods Aegis and Phalanx count in your head the number of seconds before Phalanx is off Cd you can "extend" the tank duration if you pop Aegis during the moments between Phalanx's

    Anyway thats it hope this helps someone out feel free to call me what you wish below or if i shoulda added more pictures or something idc

    Thats it from happy tanking~!


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