[Event] Design a Fishing Pet

  • cactuar Ever felt lonely while fishing and wanted a companion to assist you? Here’s the perfect place to bring your dream pet to life! cactuar

    How it works -

              fishy Design a pet/helper for the fishing profession, similar to the sheep/pumpkins for gathering/cooking respectively. You will also need to come up with stat bonuses and a catchphrase for your pet

    Example of stat bonuses -

    Example of a catchphrase -

    Rules -

              fishy Submissions must be in the form of a drawing/sketch (may be hand drawn or digital)

              fishy You may not use an already existing image, pet, or npc in your submission

              fishy Submissions must be posted by Feb 28th, 11:59 pm server time. Any entries posted after this time will not be counted

              fishy The appearance and catchphrase of your pet must be in the same image, but the stat bonuses may be put below the image in your post

              fishy You must add your IGN, server name, and discord ID to your post (if you don’t have discord, please regularly check the forums, as you may be messaged there)
              fishy Please create your forum account beforehand, so you can get your account approved early > <

    Rewards -

              fishy 1st place: Custom Fishing Expert Suit (F) or (M), Advanced Pet Improving Potion x5, Eirene’s Key of Gaia

              fishy 2nd place: Advanced Pet Improving Potion x4 and Eirene’s Key Fragment x5

              fishy 3rd place: Advanced Pet Improving Potion x3 and Eirene’s Key Fragment x3

    cactuar If you have any other questions, feel free to pm dwgir#1560 on Discord cactuar

  • Ahab the old fishing cat! He is chubby and round and fluffy and fishes beside you when you're not moving! His 8 1/2 lives of fishing expertize provide +2% rod, +2% line, and +2% reel. He's got a nick in his ear from his epic battle with a mighty copper shark king in his younger days. I picture his fur being gray, like a Russian Blue cat. Being a wheezy old cat, he just says "Nyan-nyan..." I am JosieWitch from Phoenix and this is my entry and original sketch! My Discord name is JosieGamer#2370


    JosieWitch, Phoenix :AK9:

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  • IGN: Leichtz

    Server: Phoenix

    Discord ID: Kaneko19#9286

    Pet name: Takoryōshi

    Stats Bonus

    •Fishing Equipment durability +100

    •Fishing Line Strength +2,5%

    •Reeling Speed +2,5%


  • Hello everyone, long time no see.

    This is my entry for Design a Fishing Pet :)

    IGN: Jeanny

    Server: Phoenix

    Pet name: Picnic Usagi

    Catchphrase: "Wabbit .. Wabbit"



    Shuriken / Holysword | S1| Phoenix Server
    ♪ Whales Guild ♪


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  • Frogs can make cute pets too QAQ I really like how unique frogs are, so I decided to make a little frog pet, since it also fits into the fishing theme. I hope ya'll like it, it's slightly based on the Lucky Clover. (\(owo)/)
    IGN: Nisanyan
    Server: Phoenix

    Discord ID: ~Nisanyan~#3151
    P.S.: Yes, the catchphrase is a joke. Deal with it. :nosebleed:


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  • IGN: Pervia
    Server: Chimera

    Discord: Hawt Potatowo#8977

    Pet name : <Lucky Azuria Fisher-cat > Felix


    • cat fix.jpg

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    Server : Chimera

    IGN : Pervia

    Discord : Hawt Potatowo#8977

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  • cactuar  It's time to announce the winners!   cactuar
    The submissions were all so cute > <

    1st place - Leichtz

    2nd place - Purrquesha

    3rd place - Emulik

    Congrats to the winners, ty for participating, and have a nice day!! fishy