Aurapoly is Back!

  • We’re bringing back this forum event for the month of March! If you’ve forgotten how this event works, continue reading! All information has been updated so please make sure to read requirements before registering for the event.

    How will this work?

    We will present a board with 28 squares once registration is completed. Every day (unless there is an Aurapoly event), we will perform a raffle with an RNG system and take X numbers. The amount of numbers drawn will depend on how many players are registered for the event. Only the drawn numbers will receive points, and the amount of points received will depend on the tile for that day. This event is a game of luck!


    There will only be one way for you to increase your points yourself. This will be done through in-game and discord events. These events will be separate from regular GS events and the only prize from it will be Aurapoly points. So be sure to watch out for these events!

    Here is a table of the # of points each tile is worth.


    How do I win?

    There will be only 3 winners for this event across both Chimera and Phoenix. The Top 3 at the end of the month with the most points will be the winners! A leaderboard will be posted and updated daily or weekly so you can all see how you’re doing.

    If in the case, there is a tie within the top 3, the tied players will be asked to play a game of a coin toss until one wins.

    What are the rewards?

    Here are the three prize packs for the top 3 winners. Winners will be able to pick which Eidolon frags they want of the 8 listed.


    How do I join?

    Simply leave this information in this form linked HERE!

    • In-Game Name
    • Server
    • Discord ID

    (All info is needed in order to join).

    A number will be given to you depending on your submission order. For example, if you're the first entry, then you will be Player #1, the second entry would be Player #2, and so on. This number will be posted on both the forums as well as private messaged to you on discord.

    Registration will end at the end of the day on March 3rd. Anyone registering after 11:59 PM EST on March 3rd will not be entered. The game will begin on March 4th and will be posted later on in the day.

    Any questions?

    If there are any questions about how the event will work, please Private Message <GS>Karuta on discord (Karuta#0087)

    Good luck! rudecat3