Games Rules


    In order to play Aura Kingdom in the best conditions possible, it is necessary to follow some simple rules. You will find those rules listed below. Please note they are an addition to our Terms of Service and do not replace them in any way.

    Account data

    Keep your password secret!

    Make sure no third parties have access to your account.

    A Community Manager or Game Sage will never ask for your password!

    Account sharing/selling/transfer is against our rules and could lead to a permanent ban. No compensation will be provided for the negligence of any lost item or character.

    All accounts, characters and items are property of Aeria Games.

    Naming Rules

    Do not use offensive, unlawful, dangerous, threatening, insulting, vulgar, sexist, obscene, hateful, racist, ethnic names or of a disturbing nature in any way

    Names that indicate that the player is an employee of Gamigo or Aeria Games are forbidden. This also includes but is not limited to the following list:

    GS/CM/GM/PM, Game Sage, Game Master, Community Manager, Product Manager, Aeria (Games), AGE, Gamigo or similar expressions.

    It is under the staff’s discretion to change such names if they are considered inappropriate. It also includes names with only spaces or symbols.

    The CM team may permanently ban a character or an account if a character or guild name is of an 'unforgivable nature' (violence, extreme political views, etc).

    Interacting with other Players

    We expect our players to treat their fellow gamers with respect. Bullying, insults, racism, sexual innuendos, or moral harassment will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary measures up to a permanent ban.

    It is not allowed to incite one or more players to violate the rules of the game.

    If you witness such behavior, please inform the CM Team by sending us a ticket including at least one piece of evidence (screenshot, video).

    Communication Rules

    (chat, world chat, group chat, trade chat, etc)

    Chat spamming/flooding (sending the same message several times in a short period of time), insulting or accusing other players (public delation) is prohibited.

    It is also not allowed to actively advertise other games (that are not run by AGE) via the above mentioned means of communication.

    Asking for cheats, hacks, bugs, exploits, bots or other means of unfair gameplay is forbidden. So is a discussion promoting these topics. The exception is if a CM or GS is asking directly for information about these topics.

    Begging is not allowed. Begging is when you repeatedly ask other players to give you money, items or services (such as Power Leveling) for free even though you have been denied this previously.

    Advertising Gold selling or asking for someone to sell gold to you for real money is forbidden. This also include “jokingly" and can lead to the block of all existing accounts.

    The official Server language is English. However, you are free to use other languages to communicate with your fellow gamers but please try sticking to English when communicating where everyone receives the message, eg. when speaking in the World Chat or on the forums.

    The use of the correct chat channels has to be considered.

    The in-game trading chat is a platform for player-to-player trading and should therefore not be used for private and public discussions or as a substitute for world chats. If such an excessive use of it is noticed, Game Sages are entitled to refer you to another chat.

    A warning / reminder by a GS should be taken seriously. The disregard of the warning can lead to administrative consequences.

    If a GS / CM asks you to move the conversation to private chats, it must be done without any discussion.

    It is not forbidden to buy AP cards for in-game currency. However, please be aware that AGE does not support these transactions and will not assist players in case of a scam.

    The disclosure of personal data (names, telephone numbers, private conversations, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

    It is also forbidden to circumvent a sanction on the forum by using a secondary account to post.


    (disturbing other players through intrusive gameplay)

    The following actions are considered intrusive:

    - Spamming a player with group invites or other requests if the player has already declined.

    - Stalking another player through several maps and towns if you are not actively communicating with the player. This is especially true if the player has asked you to stop this behavior.

    - Resetting boss monsters/monsters on purpose for trolling, hindering raids or runs, etc

    - In PvP, kill the player at the spawn / port point as a form of bullying specific players or feeding

    Gamigo & Aeria Games and Entertainment employees and Game Sages

    (Product Managers, Community Manager, Game Sage)

    Insults, threats, blackmailing or other negative/aggressive behavior towards a Gamigo or AGE employee or GS will immediately lead to disciplinary measures up to a permanent ban.

    Players are not allowed to claim they are Gamigo or AGE employees or Game Sages if they can't prove that this is true. CM/GS impersonation is an automatic permaban.

    Bug abuse

    (Using bugs in-game to gain an advantage)

    Using bugs in-game to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. Bugs have to be reported to a CM or GS if reporting them through a ticket is not possible.


    (Abuse of game mechanics)

    It is not allowed to use game mechanics and possible weaknesses of the game to gain an unfair advantage or to manage actions that are not intended by the game.

    This also applies to the exploitation of the Eidolons and pets (i.e. Reaper class pets, etc.) to AFK level! These are designed to assist our players in combat, not to level them.

    Possible exploitable weaknesses have to be reported to a CM or GS or through the ticket system.

    Cheating and Bots

    (Modifications to the game client & third-party programs)

    Modifying the game client is not allowed.

    Furthermore, it is not allowed to use illegal software (hacks, cheats, bots etc.) to gain an unfair advantage in-game. It's also not allowed to discuss or advertise such software on any kind of communication channel.

    Players are not allowed to decode, manipulate or hack the data sent or received from the Aura Kingdom server.

    The use of third party programs or macros is not allowed.

    PvP Rules

    Rigging matches is not allowed. This means an agreement between teams to allow the other side to win is considered ranking manipulation and exploitation.

    Some players who get killed regularly tend to threaten other players. Threatening players is primarily harassment and is obviously subject to a penalty.

    Players are not forced to endure insults and rage messages. While taunting in itself is not forbidden, please keep in mind that repeated taunting of a player can easily turn into harassment and will be treated as such.

    Buy / Sell

    Items and links to pages of third party service companies

    Swapping, searching for or giving away accounts as well as begging for play money or objects in public channels or just a mere attempt is undesirable.

    Selling (even attempting or bidding) accounts, transferring accounts and selling / buying virtual items in Aura Kingdom for real assets (eg PaySafeCard, Epin and other similar methods even a mere try or offer) are serious violations of the policy and result in account suspension.

    Selling in-game names (IGNs) for gold or any in-game currency is forbidden. This means selling an existing name that's on a character to another player.


    Level service, promises, agreements

    These arrangements are considered part of the game world and are not considered as one of the areas where support can interfere, so such arrangements are always at your own risk.

    We can not refund any items, so check the amount of gold, items and system options (for COD services) before clicking "OK".


    Use multiple accounts at the same time is not allowed and can lead to a permanent ban.

    The simultaneous login with multiple accounts is not permitted and leads to a blocking of the affected accounts.

    IMPORTANT: This list isn’t exhaustive, but it doesn’t mean that actions that aren't listed in this thread are automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense. Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user and the context.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, we wish you a fun experience in-game!

    These rules may be subjected to changes and additions at any time. The respective changes are then immediately valid and will be enforced from this point in time.

    Your Aura Kingdom Team