Forum Rules


    These rules apply at any time to all users of Aura Kingdom forum to ensure cultivated and appropriate behavior.

    Aeria Games offers you the Aura Kingdom US Forums, a part of the Aeria Games website, as a service that allows our users to chat about Aeria Games latest games.

    You acknowledge that, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, Aeria Games is under no obligation to oversee the electronic communications or content posted on these forums. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you and not Aeria Games are responsible for your posts.

    Your posts may be moderated and/or deleted at its sole discretion without warning or explanation and free of charge to Aeria Games (CM / GS), and Aeria Games may deny you access to the forums or the Site or your access to the forums or restrict the website. Any decision by Aeria Games regarding forum rules violations is final.

    Forum rules also apply to in-game chat!

    Clarity of threads and posts

    To ensure, that the forum is as informative a possible, you need to follow those guidelines before creating threads and posts.

    Use the search function to look for similar threads before creating a new one. If such an old and suitable thread already exists, you need to continue that one.

    You need to choose a meaningful title to explain the topic in few words.

    You are not allowed to answer directly to your own posts. You need to use the “edit” function to delete, change or add content.

    You are only allowed to quote the statement you are directly referring to.

    You are not allowed to create posts without a direct connection to the thread or post messages that are not relevant to the subject.

    Social Interactions

    You and all other users may not be insulted, harassed, persecuted, threatened or provoked.

    You are not allowed to publish reputation-damaging assertions about others, regardless of whether or not they are true.

    You and all other users of this forum cannot to discriminate users on the basis of:

    Race or ethnic origin

    Religious beliefs and outlook



    Sexual orientation


    Any kind of insults will not be tolerated and can lead to a warning or an account suspension.

    Forbidden content

    You are not allowed to publish any kind of private communication from another person.

    You are not allowed to publish any kind of personal information about another person.

    You are not allowed to discuss sanctions or accrued moderation warnings in public, including tickets messages.

    You are not allowed to publish any kind of content which is forbidden in the games by the terms of use in the forum.

    You are not allowed to flood the forums, create forum obstacles, or spam the forums. This includes but is not limited to:

    Posts consisting of nothing but a single word, punctuation mark(s), or smiley(s).

    Publishing posts or topics, in order to create confusion in the forum (forum obstacle)

    Duplication (using repeated messages) in the same subject; duplicate content, replies / posts / topics

    The creation of so-called "Flame" accounts, as noted in the terms and conditions under Multi Account, is not permitted and may lead to a blocking of all existing accounts.

    Discussions about Bans

    Discussions about bans in the forum, in-game or other Aeria Games guided options are not allowed and will be closed or deleted without comment. For questions about a ban please submit a ticket.

    Complaints about warnings or forum account bans should be addressed via Customer Support.

    Publish content

    Publishing content created between a player and other players or Aeria Team is prohibited unless both party agrees. This applies to any contact that is not publicly available (example: Ticket Support, PM, Email, IRC Query, Messenger, Whisper Chat, TeamSpeak, etc.).

    CM / GS impersonation

    It is not allowed to post in the forum as an employee of Aeria Games or Game Sage, if this does not correspond to the fact. This also include “jokingly" and can lead to the block of all existing accounts.


    Forum posts that have the purpose of discussing non-corporate games, politics, nationality, religion, sex, violence, or ethics are omitted and may be edited or closed by forum moderators.

    Reopening blocked / deleted posts

    Contributions and topics that have already been closed or deleted by the moderators due to a violation of the rules may not be reopened or restarted. This can lead to a warning or blocking of the account.

    Contributions and topics that have been closed or archived due to inactivity by the moderators may not be reopened, you should create a new thread.

    Selling and purchase of virtual items / accounts

    Selling and purchase of virtual items / accounts for real money is prohibited. This can lead to permanent suspension for both sides. Furthermore, it is prohibited to post links to sites that perform such actions.

    Account Sharing / Trading

    Account sharing or trading will not be tolerated as described in the terms and conditions and will result in a permanent suspension of the account for all those responsible. Here it is recommended to read the ToS.

    Signatures / Avatars

    Signatures and avatars are subject to the complete terms and conditions, as well as the forum rules. Furthermore, the signature must not exceed the size of 700px x 200 px.


    You are not allowed to reports bugs in public in the forum – you need to report them directly to a team member or Customer Support.

    Bugs and errors discovered in the forum must be reported immediately to the moderators. The exploitation of such errors can lead to the suspension of the account.

    Malicious or harmful links

    Users posting links to "browser bombs" that open multiple windows or pages with malicious content are permanently banned from the forums.

    Cheats, hacks or trojan

    Users posting links to cheat or hack programs will be penalized. If you would like to submit information about Cheats or Hacks to Aeria Games, please send them to our Customer Service. Please do not post them in the forums.

    Private server

    The mention of illegal private servers in the forum, in-game, discord is considered by us as advertisement for illegal private servers and is forbidden; this can lead to the suspension of the account. The mention or linking of such servers will be deleted without prior warning by the moderators.

    These rules may be subjected to changes and additions at any time. The respective changes are then immediately valid and will be enforced from this point in time.

    IMPORTANT: This list isn’t exhaustive, but it doesn’t mean that actions that aren't listed in this thread are automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense. Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user and the context.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, we wish you a fun experience in-game!

    These rules may be subjected to changes and additions at any time. The respective changes are then immediately valid and will be enforced from this point in time.

    Your Aura Kingdom Team