Discord Rules


    User profile rules

    CM/GSs reserve themselves the right to moderate/kick anyone whose user profile goes against the rules:

    - Username, profile picture and game name overlay are to remain appropriate for all ages: It can't contain sexual references, curse words, hentai/ahegao, racist, homophobic content or any other offensive content. Should a user's profile be deemed to be inappropriate, a warning will be issued and the user will be given 'x amount of time' to find a more suitable profile picture. Failure to do so within the given timeframe will result in removal from the server

    - Username can't contain the words CM, PC, PMor GS, nor any other Aeria/Gamigo or Aura Kingdom staff member relation

    - Usernames may also be changed if it contains symbols, decorated and aesthetic fonts, untaggable characters, invisible characters, excessive emojis, direct or indirect promotion, intentional name hoisting etc., by a GS or staff member at any given point or time without prior warning.

    Chat Rules

    Users must observe and follow Discord’s Terms of Service (https://discordapp.com/terms) and Gamigo Group’s Terms of Service (https://www.aeriagames.com/policy/terms) in the server while also following the set of rules below:

    - The chat is to remain appropriate for all ages. Any sexually explicit or inappropriate content (text, emojis, images, videos, etc.) is forbidden

    - Personal attacks, offensive language, insults, harassment, provocation, witch-hunting (calling out, etc.), sexism, racism, hate speech, accusations or other disruptive behavior, either direct or indirect, is forbidden; Treat others with respect and proper language. This includes ALL types of passive aggressiveness and petty arguments regardless of context or lack of harmful language

    - Promotion of games, private servers, or third party software associated or unassociated with Aura Kingdom is forbidden

    - Linking Discord Servers that are not officially associated with Aeria Games / Gamigo Group is forbidden

    - The use of the Discord server in order to promote your personal content (stream, selling art for real currency, or any other self promotion) is forbidden. Exceptions can be made for streams and any form of art related to Aura Kingdom as long as it complies to Gamigo Group’s Terms of Service and the statement beforehand

    - Swearing is to be kept to a minimum

    - Discussions regarding politics or sensitive issues must be kept to a minimum

    - Deliberately creating toxic situations (ie. flaming, "debates", bullying, etc.) in order to undermine and attack other users will not be acceptable

    - Raiding the server regarding someone’s ban/mute/warning/etc. in-game, forum or in the discord server is strictly forbidden. These must be properly and formally discussed with the staff via the direct messages / ban appeal form (if it’s a Discord matter) or ticket (if it’s an in-game matter). Anyone who purposely attempts and/or does so may be moderated without prior warning

    - Screenshots containing private player conversations that may stir drama/trouble are not allowed, unless it's from a public chat (world chat, region chat, etc.) - the names must be censored to observe the players’ privacy

    - Gossiping about other players and/or the staff is forbidden

    - Publicizing ban/mutes/warnings ingame or the discord server is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, conversation between the user and the staff, warning messages sent by the staff/GSs/Victoria bot, etc., via e-mail, in-game, private messages, etc.

    - Avoid double posting questions/statements/chat/etc. in multiple channels

    - Spoilers must use spoiler tags and be labelled as a spoiler properly

    - Links that uses URL shorteners may be deleted/removed unless it’s recognized by the staff to be trustworthy and safe

    - The chat shall remain in English to facilitate the moderation

    - Impersonation of Aeria Staff members is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, pretending to be able to carry out staff actions, threatening users with staff connections and/or relationships, etc.

    - Feedback, criticism and complaints are always welcomed, but they must remain appropriate and/or constructive

    - Do not abuse @ tags. Doing so may be considered spam

    - Do not spam any chat. This includes rapid entry of single-word / two-word messages

    - Use each channel appropriately. The purpose of each channel can be found in its description or pinned in the channel

    Voice Channel Rules

    - All rules, including chat rules, apply to Voice Channel, regardless of whether or not a CM or GS is present

    - Sexually explicit audio and excessive inappropriate language are forbidden

    - Threats, harassment and insults towards players in and out of the call are forbidden

    - Making inappropriate sounds or disturbing noises that may disrupt discussions or make other players uncomfortable is not allowed

    - The use of recording for the purpose of reporting violations is allowed. Reports must contain audio at least 1 minute prior to the reported offense. Video is also required to confirm that the offense occurred within the server. If the reporter is speaking, his or her voice must also be contained in the audio

    Fine Print rules

    - GSs may moderate to their own discretion in extreme situations. This includes, but is not limited to, moderating messages and users in the server that are detrimental to the discussion and the community, carrying out administrative actions without prior warning, etc. Any complaints or concerns about abuse may be brought to a CM's attention at any time

    - CMs may moderate on their own discretion at any time. The CMs may also change, remove or add any rules at any time. If you believe a ban has been carried out unfairly, you may discuss it with the acting CM, however it remains up to the discretion of the CM to withdraw or sustain the ban

    - All warnings said and/or mentioned by a GS, CM and the Discord bot @Victoria whether it may be direct or indirect, public or private will be considered official. Warnings will be maintained regardless of when or where it happened and will never “reset”

    - A user may be moderated within the server if they’re seen not following Gamigo’s Terms of Service in external sources. This includes but is not limited to other Discord servers, social media, forums, etc.

    - All sanctions are to be documented and recorded by the GS/CM team

    - The severity of a sanction always depends on the severity of the offense and review of the offender's past record

    - Players are responsible for all of their sent messages. Action may be taken against deleted messages if the deleted messages violate server rules

    - Exploiting discord to avoid mutes/bans will result in a permanent ban of your account and any associated accounts

    - CMs will not entertain PMs regarding in game bans. You need to discuss this via ticket and only via ticket

    - Permanent bans and mutes may be discussed via the Server's Ban Appeal Form only (https://goo.gl/forms/k0rDEcfM4azwRwc52)

    - The use of #events channel to promote player events is allowed. However you must have CM/GS consent and these posts will not contain any public tags (@here, @everyone)

    IMPORTANT: This list isn’t exhaustive, but it doesn’t mean that actions that aren't listed in this thread are automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense. Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user and the context.

    Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, we wish you a fun experience in-game!

    These rules may be subjected to changes and additions at any time. The respective changes are then immediately valid and will be enforced from this point in time.

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Your Aura Kingdom Team