Looking for actual Bard guide or someone who help me get to know game and Bard style of playing

  • Hi!

    Lika i said above, i would like to find some actual guides for Bard or someone who help me build my bard properly i show me how to play this character. I'm 62 lvl atm. I hope someone will help me ;)

  • And i have question here. I know this guide but it is actual? I read some information in net and there were informations that SPD is better for Bard because Bard always be worse then any other dps class. So i would like to know if it is true before i spend a lot of gold to change my off points and envoy. Especially that i've started to know that Bard can by built in many ways but i don't know what is the best and in need.

  • you always cap spd first no matter the class. then crit usually to around 80% then dmg (this is assuming u r dps bard. if u r tank bard dmg probably comes first since u might not get acceptable % of crit and have low cdmg as tank). once u get geared enough both crit and spd gets capped easily, by then u can dump the pts into dmg.