[Olympus] Glimpse

  • Glimpse

    Started back up May 20th 2019
    Glimpse >>> Invoke >>> Sanctus (Guild order of the transfer)

    Level 10 Guild

    Guild Type: PvP/PvE

    Website: https://glimpse.shivtr.com/

    Guild Master: Kaitosu (Current Main) - Founded on Toshia

    Co-Founders: Zereon (Current Main) - Founded on Ashiyama / Voth - QUIT AK

    Vice-Leaders: Opuu, Gintonic, Needy, and Sing.

    High Ranking Officials: Endi, xXSarada, MarvelousRB, Coba, Cryotek, and England


    Hi everyone! Since you’re here, you must be interested in our guild Glimpse right?!?! That’s good because were also interested in you!! First I will start off with a little introduction about some aspects of our guild’s history. We were formed on Aug 15, 2014 when Toshia(Me), Ashiyama(Co-Founder), and Voth(Co-Founder) wanted to form our own guild. We first started out small but soon expanded and we even got to level 5 in less than a month. Is that fast or what? We achieved so much as a guild before we transferred over to Invoke and Sanctus (Had to make a new guild due to various circumstances like server merge etc). We had our own active ST raid in Siren for about a full year. We usually had 20+ members join our raid every weekend and were active with 40+ online. We currently have about 10-20 members online at all times but we're currently working on that xD. We currently have our own ST Raid, normal events, and we have eido summons every week(Sat and Sun). We are very serious about this game and plan to expand even further this time around. I will stop here and start to explain our future goals and what we want to achieve.


    1. Help new levels reach level 90+ and acquire their level 90 load-outs

    2. We plan to conquer the AK world.

    3. Have every member reach slvl1+


    1. Do not be disrespectful to other members.

    2. Activity is important!!! People that do not log on within 7 days will be kicked unless otherwise stated. This rule is important because without activity how can a guild function correctly? If you’re going to be gone for more than 7 days all you have to do is PM any high ranking official and you will be safe. Is that hard to do ? NO!

    3. If you have been kicked/banned and you would like to rejoin message a high ranking official or rejoin in the guild window during open recruitment.

    4. More will be added later.

    Guild Functions:

    1. We do any type of Dungeons! Just ask!

    2. We have weekly Eidolon spawning events!

    3. We have Discord so feel free to join it at anytime! (40+ online)

    Requirements to Join:

    Activity is one of the most important concepts for this guild. Remember ACTIVITY is one my pet peeves because without it how can a guild function at all?
    We're currently not strict with requirements so as long as you're active you'll be fine!

    You can message me or any high ranking official for any further questions or concerns. Either post here or ask one of us for any other questions about recruitment.

    Thank you!!! Hope we see you soon!

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