Monthly Eidolon Raffle

  • Hello and welcome to the Eidolon raffle Envoys! weirdooo

    We're introducing a new prize event where you will have the chance to win an Eidolon! At the end of this announcement, a form will be provided for players to vote for their top 3 Eidolons they wish to be the month's prize. Whichever Eidolon receives the most votes will be the Eidolon that will be this month's prize!

    How it works!

    This event will be a raffle. How to get your name entered in the raffle is by winning in our in-game GS events! This means, the more GS events you win, the more your name will be entered into the raffle! Win more events for a better chance to win!

    There will be 10 winners in total from both Chimera and Phoenix.

    Here is the prize breakdown:

    3 Winners: 1 Full Key

    3 Winners: 7 Key Fragments

    4 Winners: 5 Key Fragments

    You will only be able to win one of the prizes.

    If there are any other questions about this event, please message Dwgir here, or on discord (dwgir#1560) - or any Game Sage available

    For the form, please click HERE.

    Voting ends on insert date #####

    Voting has ended.

    Check for future replies on this thread whenever a new poll opens every month!

    Best of luck to everyone! sauriorawr


    Eidolon of the Month for June


    <Queen of Shadow>


    As one of the regents of Pandemonium's sprawling netherworld, Hel keeps family close and her allies closer. Her beauty has won her many admirers, but made her distrustful of others' intentions, and while she chooses her words wisely, her tongue can have a razor's edge.

    Hel specializes in short-range, brutally damaging combat. Her hot kisses can, when blown, detonate with incredible destructive power. She also puts her limber legs to effective use, lashing foes with lightning-fast flurries of kicks.