[Guide] Hall of Phillae

  • With the release of new floors for Hall of Philae, I've decided to make a small guide detailing this niche archeology instance. I was also surprised to find this never had a guide for even the initial floors.

    What is Hall of Philae?

    Hall of Philae is an instance (dungeon) that you can enter in Star Sand Desert. It is accessible at the same place that Ozymand Temple is.

    Hall of Philae is an archeology instance, and for the most part, it would be done for much of the same reason archeology would be. You can obtain items that you can vendor to an archeology NPC for archeology tokens, as well as some unique things, and some of the things from the new floors in particular are what make this instance attractive. After each floor concludes, a large chest spawns, which has its own set of drops, including Orange masteries, Maja key fragments and her eidolon accessory, specific gear and unidentified gear, among other things. Note that treasure charms do NOT work on these chests, as they are not a target you attack with combat like regular chests, but rather one you pick up, so they behave differently!

    Hall of Philae is split into two parts; the first and initial part, which consists of five floors, and the second and newer part, which consist of three floors. The first five floors are in a random order. The three newest floors are always in the same order. To enter the dungeon, you need to be level 55 (or... was it level 60 now?). You can then do the initial five floors. To progress and do the second and newer part, however, you need to be at least level 90.

    Let us move on to how the dungeon itself, and each floor, works.

    Hall of Philae - Explorer Base:

    When you first enter, you enter into an initial room. This room has three NPCs of importance. The first is near the entrance, and will teleport you out of the dungeon, but... why would you want that? The second is an archeology NPC, which can sell you an Identification Tool Set. You will need this if you don't have one, or it has ran out of uses. You may notice the NPC will not sell you the actual archeology pick-axe tool. This is not needed; you don't need one, and at any time where you would, your skill bar is adjusted to temporarily give you one. The third is an NPC which will open to the portal to start the instance, and it is at this point that the time starts. You will given a buff that lasts 20 minutes, and when this wears off, you will not be able to proceed to a new floor. If you run out of time, you will, however, be able to finish the floor you are currently on. This buff prevents the use of the Teleportation skill, and if you finish the instance before the buff time runs out, it will prevent you from teleporting even after you leave the instance.

    There is additionally an archeology NPC on each floor itself, so if you ever run out of the Identification Tool Set (although this is only needed for a few of the floors), you will never be stuck.

    Hall of Philae Floors 1 through 5 (level 55 requirement):

    As mentioned above, floors 1 through 5 occur in a random and not set order, so the order of these may not match your own. I will therefore just include them in any order here, and include a picture along with the description to help identify them.

    Floor 1: This floor behaves similarly to how an archeology spot on the field maps would. You seek out Yellow glows, dig where they appear, and then identify from among three colors which it is. Only digging and checking the item is actually required to get it to count, so if you don't mind missing out on the item it will yield, you can simply dig, check, and cancel the process without identifying it to speed the floor up. As you do this, one of four relics will glow. Once all four are glowing, the chest spawns, and the room concludes.


    Floor 2: This floor is strictly a gathering floor. Relics are strewn about on the ground, and you gather them up. You have a chance to obtain an aura after you do, and once you have the aura, you should run towards one of the ruined statues to transfer it. As a note, the very small round relics, as well as the horn relics, will never give you a glow. After you've done this three times for each statue, six total, the chest will spawn and the room will conclude. You may gather any remaining relics for their drops after this point, if you wish, but it is not necessary.


    Floor 3: Somewhat similar to the prior floor, there are items strewn about on the ground. However, they are glowing one of three colors, and you need to target the item and use the skill that corresponds to each color. Each item has a chance to drop a Sun Runestone. Once you have seven of them, give them to the NPC near the stone tablet, and the chest will spawn, concluding the room.


    Floor 4: This room is simply concluded once all of the chests are gathered, and there are 27 chests. Another NPC will participate in trying to gather the chests. It is very possible to get all 27 chests yourself, and the NPC seems to have a set order in which he chooses the chests. In addition, there are spots he will often run back to between chests. I do not have the exact order known myself, but roughly, I start in the far right corner, then work towards the far left, then collect the row of 4 or so along the right, and then the last 4 or so along the left, as that seems to be the way the NPC approaches it. Once all chests have been gathered, the screen transitions, after which the floor concludes. There is no large chest that spawns in this room.


    Floor 5: This floor can be a bit frustrating, but once you learn the mechanics, it's simple.

    At first, it will appear similar to the first floor. Glow spots will appear, and you will need to dig there and identify them. Do this twice. As with the first floor, you don't need to actually identify the item; just to dig and initially check it. Once you dig a third time, before you can identify it, the screen transitions, and you will appear back towards the entrance of the room, showing that this floor is not simply like the first. There are three goblins in the center along the back wall of the room. Ignore the last dig you did, and run to them. After some moments, they will begin to flee. Your skill bar changes to give you three skills. The first is an attack, and the other two are traps; one is a bear trap that will halt any goblin for a few moments that steps too close, and the other is an AOE trap which will rope any goblins for a few moments.

    The key in avoiding the frustration is this; their initial behavior is to run a bit, then stop, and then run, and repeat. Once, however, they have been obstructed by anything, be it an attack or a trap, their behavior changes to more or less run nonstop, with the pause severely shortened (to next to nothing), making them much harder to lock down.

    Therefore, ensure that once you have trapped a goblin, you dispose of it before it can ever even move again. Rope, attack, trap, attack, attack, repeat is a good order. It is okay if some flee at the onset, because their pattern will always be to to pause until they have been disrupted, so they are easy to lock down and dispose of. Focus on one at a time if you have to. If one gets loose and runs endlessly, however, it can be more difficult.

    Once you dispose of all three, the screen transitions again, and afterwards a large chest spawns, concluding the room.


    That concludes the first part of Hall of Philae. On to the new floors!

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  • Hall of Philae Floors 6 through 8 (level 90 requirement):

    These floors, unlike the prior five, will ALWAYS be in the same order. I will therefore omit pictures, but a video walk-through of all three of the following floors will be included below. Once completing the initial five floors, the usual end room of the dungeon has been changed to have a barrier. If you meet the requirements (level 90 or above), you may proceed. If not, you will not be able to go any further. The big draw of doing these three new floors, is that have a chance to drop level 95 accessories, as well as new level 95 elemental trophies.

    Floor 6: Ah, this one is probably the most frustrating for those going in blind.

    Interact with the stone tablet in the middle of the room, near the NPC, and the screen will transition. Afterwards, the room will be filled with all sorts of things. This is where the confusion begins. What do I do!? Don't panic, for one. If you find yourself going to run out of time, do not panic or give up! Remember, running out of time prevents you from proceeding onto further floors, but you can ALWAYS finish the one you are at now. So, if worse comes to worse, spend all the time you need in order to learn it.

    What you need to do is make both sides of the room match. The left side of the room is static; you can not change it, so your focus is on adjusting things on the right to make it match the left. Most items that do not move have two states only, so if something simply doesn't look as it does across the room, adjust its state. The exception is the stone near the front, it has three states (a dark Grey color, a lighter Grey, and a Pink shaded color, and spoiler warning; I miss this exact thing in my video below and enter panic mode for a few moments). Certain things simply move from their spot when adjusted, and some of these may have three states as well. Like with the stationary items, if you see something in a spot, and it's not there across the room, tell it to move. Eventually it will be right.

    Besides the initial NPC near the stone tablet from before the room started, the other NPCs CAN be moved and DO count as objects that need to be mirrored. It took me a while to understand that.

    There is one other mechanic to understand about this room. As you are adjusting the state of things, a treasure chest will sometimes randomly spawn. That will happen either five or six times. You need to gather these! Another will not spawn if one is already present, so as soon as one spawns, collect it. The floor can be 100% entirely correctly the same on both sides, but the tablet will behave as though they aren't, if you did not collect these. If this occurs, simply adjust the state of an item a few times to see if it forces a chest spawn (you see me doing this in the video during my panic moments, thinking it was my mistake).

    Once you learn what things are always static (some set pieces aren't randomized but ALWAYS the same), you will be able to narrow your focus on what to look for.

    Once you have the room matched, interact with the stone tablet in the center of the room. If it is correct, a large chest will spawn, concluding the room. You can relax (a little), that is half of the frustration of the three new floors gone already. The next two are nicer in my opinion.

    Floor 7: When you enter, you will see a grid pattern cage on the floor of the room, as well as up along one wall. The one on the wall has glowing orbs; these signify presence of traps in that area on the floor. I, personally, ignore bothering with avoiding the traps. If you hit one, it roots you momentarily, either turning you into a blob chicken, or freezing you in ice. Either way, it also spawns a chest. These contain archeology drops (nothing important), and are optional.

    Talk to the NPC to the Right when entering to start the floor. Once you do, your skill set will change. The first skill will dig for relics, and you will want to do this where you see a glow. The second skill is what you use on the relic once it appears. The third skill can be ignored, but it is largely the same as the second, only it is unique to only working on the optional treasure chests that spawn when you trigger one with being trapped. As you identify relics, you will gather pages of a journal. You need all 4 pages, the first of which acts as a fusion formula for the rest. Once you have the finished item, talk to the NPC, which will spawn a chest and conclude the room.

    Floor 8: Rejoice, for if you made it this far, the time limit is an afterthought for you. When you enter this room, talk to the NPC near the stone tablet. Once you do, the statues around the room will begin moving, in a line, but in random directions, for random distances, stopping periodically. You will need to seek out the glow spots, dig at them, and then identify the resulting relic.

    There are two factors to avoid. The first is the moving statues. If they hit you, they disrupt any dig or identification in process, and push you aside (you can be chained into being hit multiple times). It is an inconvenience, but a rather minor one usually.

    The other, and more pressing, is that every so often, the screen will shake, to warn you of what is coming next. A number of Red circular AOE carpets will paint the floor, where debris will fall. If you are in these circles as this happens, you will be prevented from using your dig or identify skill for a rather lengthy period of time. Avoid the statues once you get the screen shake warning this is coming. It's a good idea to run down either set of stairs to the sides, as they will never fall there, nor will the statues go there, making these safe spots.

    Once you have all of the required number of items, talk to the NPC, which will spawn a chest, concluding the floor.


    I hope this explains about everything! Here is a video walk-through of the three new floors.

    I overlooked the stone on the first floor, and lost some time there as I fiddled with items thinking I may have still had to force some chests to spawn (it's possible to finish the room and have it correct before they all spawn, although it's rare). It serves as a good example, though, not to panic, and to check for differences. From some angles, they can appear correct, and usually it's something you were overlooking all along. In my case, the moment I focused on the stone, I cried.

    If anyone has any questions, corrections, or additional tidbits of information that I didn't mention, I'd love to hear it!

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  • Great guide!

    On the floor that you mark as floor 1, you don't have to identify the the item and can just leave them on the floor. A relic will glow after 4 or 5 digs (i never counted) without identifying. This can save time if you want to go through the first 5 floor faster.

  • Great guide!

    On the floor that you mark as floor 1, you don't have to identify the the item and can just leave them on the floor. A relic will glow after 4 or 5 digs (i never counted) without identifying. This can save time if you want to go through the first 5 floor faster.

    I suspected that might be the case, since I noticed the last relic always activated after I would check an item to begin identifying it, but before I actually finished the identification process, but I never bothered trying to see if it'd work that way. You still need to check the item, however, correct? I ran around and dug at a lot of glow spots, but in my one try, they didn't seem to activate any relics until I started checking items. Also, I never counted either, but they seem to require slightly more digs for each next relic. The first two always seem to activate very soon, and the last seems to take a bit longer.

    Floor 5 in my example seems to behave the same.

    So if you don't care for the items identifying it will get you, you can slightly speed up those floors.

    Chimera server - Catalyst guild - Retired

    Sylver_Aura - Level 95 Wizard/Bard (since 2014) | Princess_Garnet - Level 86 Tachi (since 2015)

  • The floor can be 100% entirely correctly the same on both sides, but the tablet will behave as though they aren't, if you did not collect these.

    never had this problem. i just left the treasurechests without collecting them.

    Additionally hall 6: Its easier to just start from the beginning or the end and just move along changing everything as u move slowly to the other side instead of running wild across the room. It will be easier to spot changes to be made if u do it that way.