[Guide] Reporting Players In-Game

  • A Quick How-To Guide for Reporting Players In-Game

    Reporting can be done in three ways:

    • Sending a Game Sage a private message
    • Sending a ticket
    • Sending a Community Manager a PM (Not recommended)

    What is a Game Sage?

    They're volunteer players who either act as community representatives or moderators for the game. Full information can be found here.

    How can I know if a Game Sage is legit?

    1. You may check the list of Game Sages through this link on the forum. This list is always updated when a new GS comes in or an old GS leaves.
    2. A Game Sage will always be on the Official Aura Kingdom Discord Servers. They will have a <GS>, <SGS> or <LGS> tag before their name and will be on top of the memberlist of Discord. They will also have the GS role on.
    3. A Game Sage can contact you using a tagged character in-game. I.e. their name will appear as <LGS>Rio in contrast to normal players who have no <> on their name.

    Why is sending a Community Manager a PM not recommended?

    CMs are very busy people because they attend to a lot of things on a daily basis. If you send your report to a CM, they may reply late or not be able to attend to you until they have free time compared to reporting through a GS.

    If you want a faster and a more responsive support, feel free to contact a GS instead. We don't forbid you from sending CMs a PM although.

    DISCLAIMER: We can only entertain player reports that happened/is happening inside the game. Any reports that involve Discord screenshots ONLY may be reported to Discord's Trust and Safety Team.

    1 - Harassment

    Harassment includes anything immoral done against you or your party. Most of the said offenses can be seen in the Terms of Service and the in-game rules. This also includes scam issues.

    If a player is harassing/scamming you in-game, make sure to remember these tips:

    1. Take a full-screen, uncropped and unedited screenshot/s containing your message exchange with the player you're reporting. We can't emphasize this enough.
    2. Be careful of what you say back to the person harassing you. Players have the right to counter-report you if you harass or threaten them.
    3. Context wins. I.e. If you're reporting someone because you harassed them first, you'd basically be reporting yourself and so on.

    When reporting scam issues, don't report a player if they simply COD'ed or sent you the incorrect item (value/amount/type/etc.).

    • Talk to them about it first since it can be just an accident or something and simply return the COD mail
    • If you somehow mess up and accepted the incorrect item, talk it out with them first
    • Only proceed to reporting if the dispute isn't settled (I.e. they blocked you or refuse to give it back, etc.)

    Most importantly, be careful and always double check everything!

    • We cannot return to you what you lost as it is the player's (your) responsibility when it comes to handling transactions
    • Your loss to scam issues is not the staff's, GSs' or the company's responsibility. Please handle transactions with care

    Important Note: A GS will NEVER agree to middle-manning trades or any kind of player transactions.

    • We are not allowed to do this nor should we allow ourselves to regardless of any kind of payment after the transaction
    • Any GS found to agree to such can be reported to the Community Managers, Senior GS or Lead GS (yours truly)
    • Always check if a GS is legit or if the GS's account is real and not fake. Fake accounts are actually made to scam players especially on Discord!

    2 - Botting

    If you feel like someone you see is botting and you wish to report them, remember to do the following:

    1. Take an unedited and uncropped video of the player in action. Make sure their name is visible in the video.
    2. If you feel like they're doing a task that needs presence yet they seem AFK (i.e. Manual Fishing, Archeology, etc.), send them a message. If possible, include this in the video.
    3. Screenshots show nothing. Screenshots won't be entertained when reporting player bots as a still image can't show how they're botting. The only exceptions are chat bots (spammers) and fishing bots (cluster bots that look the same while fishing in one single spot).

    3 - Inappropriate Names

    This one's the easiest. If you spot an inappropriate name, capture a screenshot of it and send the screenshot to a Game Sage. It doesn't matter if it's edited or cropped as it can be easily detected unlike harassment reports.

    Regarding the uncropped/unedited screenshots and videos, we know that your in-game name will be visible for us to see but don't fret, your identity will be 200% confidential and you will never be exposed to anyone, ever.

    Note: The team cannot view message logs in accordance to GDPR. This is why we ask players to send us screenshots of what happened.

    For questions, feel free to ask below.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What happens to the people I reported?
    A: Disciplinary actions will be sanctioned accordingly.

    Q: I still see them online! Why aren't they banned?
    A: Reporting is a case-to-case basis; just because you reported them once doesn't mean they'll instantly get banned. Even in-game, chances are given to people to change but that doesn't mean your report goes unnoticed.

    Q: Okay then, won't reporting them be useless?
    A: No, your reports will count as "strikes" for disciplinary actions to happen.

    Q: I only reported someone once but they instantly got banned.

    A: Probably cuz of the following reasons:

    • It was their last strike
    • Their offense is found to be too offensive and the proof is very solid and strong

    Q: Are bans permanent?

    A: Some are, some are not.

    Q: I'm a victim of a false ban. I AM INNOCENT!

    A: Send a ban appeal through the ticket system.

    Q: I got banned! What do I do?

    A: Send a ban appeal through the ticket system.

    Q: Does this button work?


    A: No, it does not.