[Guide] The Ticket System

  • The Ticket System

    With the new ticket system in place, it makes players slightly confused on how things work since Gamigo merged all of their games into one ticket system including their Glyph support. It's pretty straight forward tho, but still confusing for some.

    This is a reprint of the guide that can be found in our Discord bot's commands and can be accessed by typing &ticket or &ticketguide in our Discord server's #bot-cave channel.

    How to Send a Tickety67UxZN.gif

    Ticket Link: https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us

    Yes, the support will send you to Gamigo's page instead of Aeria Games' page. This is because Aeria Games is now under the Gamigo Group.

    Step by Step:

    • Select Submit a request (Non Glyph accounts)
    • Type the email address you would like to website to use to reply to you

    • Note: It is recommended that you use the same email address that is linked to your Aeria Games account!

    • Choose the type of issue (refer below for explanation)

    • Choose Aura Kingdom in the Gamigo Group Games list

    • Explain your issue like writing an email

    • Make sure you include your Aeria Games account name

    • Feel free to attach images or proofs of anything you'd like to report


    • You do NOT need to make an account to send a ticket
    • You're not required to put your credit card number
    • We encourage everyone to attach a full, un-cropped and unedited screenshots and videos when adding an attachment especially if it's a player report. Refer to this guide on how to report players properly


    • DO NOT send multiple tickets if you haven't received a reply from your initial ticket
      • This will only make your waiting time longer as the system uses a first come, first serve basis
      • If you resend another ticket without waiting for a reply, your ticket will be resent to the back of queue
    • Ticket replies can take up from 48 to 72 hours for all types of issues
    • Tickets will not be replied to during weekends; thus it is not included in the waiting time
      • For example: You sent a ticket on a Saturday. You'll need to wait up until Wednesday at most for a reply (3 working days) since weekends are not counted
    • Ticket replies will be sent through the email you put on your ticket
      • Double check your spam & junk folders as some replies go there for unknown reasons
    • Automatic ticket replies are not counted as actual replies. They're, well, automatic which gives you your ticket ID
    • There is no direct way of contacting the support team who handles tickets
      • An alternative way of speaking to community representatives (Game Sages) is by joining the Discord server or posting your problem here in the forums
    • If you have not received a reply after 72 hours since your last reply to a ticket, you may contact any Game Sage in the Discord server or in this forum for a follow-up

    Types of Issues

    • Account Deletion
      If you wish to delete your account or inquiries about it, please proceed here.
    • Account Issues
      For lost, banned, hacked, etc., accounts. If you forgot your Aeria account name or e-mail address, etc.
    • GM Services
      For inquiries or services related to GM wishes, character/guild renames, character recovery, etc.
    • In-Game Issues
      For bugs, localization (Please go here for localization errors instead), glitches, questions regarding the game, technicalities, etc.
    • Payment Problem
      For purchasing problems such as account daily limits, suspension due to first time purchase/first time purchase in 6 months, etc.
    • Report a Player
      For harassment issues, bullying, botting reports, anything a player does that's against the Terms of Service or the Game Rules.

    And that's pretty much it. Though it's not necessary to write down or reprint the whole guide in the forums, it's still a common problem for players today who don't usually use Discord. Hopefully, this will help.


    Update: Here's another guide written by our dear CM!