Eidolon Iconsearch!

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    Have you ever played word search games? :saint:

    Well this time, we have changed it a bit :evil: Muahahah!

    This time you will need to find the correct eidolon serie in order to win! <3

    Are your eyes fast enough for this game? ;)

    Eidolons series to find:


    1. Verdandi,Ayako,Tyr,Alice,Cesela,Kitami
    2. Zashi,Uriel,Dante,Cesela,Zashi,Alucard
    3. Tyr,Kusanagi,Cesela,Muse,Alucard
    4. Ayako,Tyr,Alucard,Harmonia,Uriel
    5. Muse,Kitami,Kusanagi,Muse,Uriel
    6. Alice,Harmonia,Pandora,Kusanagi,Uriel
    7. Cesela,Endora,Uriel,Pandora,Dante
    8. Pandora,Dante,Justicia,Uriel,Dante
    9. Diao Chan,Michela,Uriel,Justicia,Alucard
    10. Astraea,Verdandi,Ayako,Muse
    11. Cesela,Dante,Alucard,Alice,Verdandi
    12. Alucard,Alice,Ayako,Verdandi,Alice,Michaela
    13. Ayako,Tyr,Cesela,Muse,Alucard,Kusanagi,Justicia,Cesela
    14. Uriel,Endora,Justicia,Ayako,Tyr,Cesela
    15. Diao Chan,Ayako,Harmonia,Alucard,Uriel


    ✔One participation per account

    ✔Once you have found all the eidolon series, please fill out the form below.

    ✔If you send two entries, only the last one will be counted.

    ✔You need to find ALL 15 to win!


    ✔20 random winners will get some Vouchers OR Ruby Coins

    Deadline: - until the maintenance is over

    Form link: HERE

    Have fun!

  • For steam users, how do we find our account name? Is it our steam account name?


    steam account name =/ aeria account name

    if you don't know/remember your acc name, write your character name but specify it in the form :)


    ah about that as well, account name on aeria account or forum account name? because i put my aeria account name. and my forum name is my ign as well. confused @.@

    Aeria :D

  • Heya Envoys! :love:

    First of all, I want to thank you for the great participation on this event. I hope you had fun <3


    Rewards already sent ! :3