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    Information Thread

    With the server merge happening, what's going to happen to the world boss? What's a world boss even? Which world boss are we referring to? This information post should help you with understand what will happen from now on. I've added a fresh players' FAQ at the end as well.

    A Big Disclaimer First of All

    This is a player-ran raid and is not handled by the GS team nor the Aeria Games staff even though some of the goat leaders/editors are people from the GS team. Should any error, problems, suggestions, discussions occur regarding the links or the whole thing, it can be expressed in this thread. A goat leader will answer you whenever they're able to.

    Now that it's cleared up, let's move on.

    Quick Links:

    What will happen to the world boss team that leads their corresponding servers?

    • The current world boss team from both servers will be merged into one
    • Existing leaders from both servers will continue leading
    • The names of active leaders are written on the WB sheet (refer to the Quick Links above)

    The channels and spawn times are hidden, what the heck?

    • Okay so first, calm down
    • The team has decided to adapt Chimera's style of leading where all channels are hidden (so nothing will be new to people who are from Chimera)
    • This is to avoid unwanted nuking or sniping for everyone's sake
    • There will be active leaders that will guide everyone to which channel you will go to next
    • Trust us, we do not wish to keep the times for ourselves but omg snipers and nukers everywhere and that will ruin the whole thing

    How does the new team work with the channels being hidden?

    • A leader will shout the next channel to go to in region chat so please make sure you open it
      • For abbreviation purposes, the leaders will shout the channels like this:
        • v1 = Vulture's Vale Channel 1 (v2, v3, v4)
        • b1 = Blizzard Berg Channel 1 (b2, b3, b4)
      • If a leader says "b1", that means you need to switch to channel 1 in Blizzard Berg, etc.
      • If a leader doesn't say "b" or "v" and just a number, it means you just need to switch channels while being in that same map
    • We will make sure everyone gets the word to the next channel and we suggest to party up so you can catch up with your party mates
    • Please follow what a leader says. The following below are what's commonly used during goat runs:
      • "Slow" or "slowdown" = This means to not attack the goat in full force in order to fix the spawn times or possible gaps
      • "Gap" = This means you need to wait a bit till the goat spawns or till you switch channels
      • "Nuke" = Kill the goat as fast as you can
      • "Echo" = A repeat of what the next channel is
    • Fair warning: Make sure to follow a leader whose name is written on the WB sheet so you won't get lost or misled by a random person (unless they're only echoing the next channel)
      • There are times when there will be a leader whose name isn't written on the public world boss sheet
      • We refer to them as private editors who provide backup for everyone but wishes to remain anonymous
      • They will only shout channels if there is no leader available
      • We will do our best to keep things afloat and avoid any sort of losses for everyone

    I got lost, I don't know the next channel, what do I do?

    • You can PM any world boss leader available for that
    • You can ask in world/trade chat about it and a leader or random player will reply to you

    What happened to the public sheet where we can put times anonymously? (For Phoenix people)

    • It has been removed because it defeats the purpose of the new system
    • You may still keep your own times privately but please, we are hoping you cooperate with us so it doesn't get ruined for others

    New World Boss Sheet Layout Guide


    The only thing we ask for is cooperation. It will be vital for every world boss spawn so everyone can hit the goats. Please do not be greedy, everyone gets the same boxes at the end of the day.


    For Fresh Players:

    What is a world boss?

    • A world boss is a rare spawn of bosses according to specific times
    • You can see most of the initial spawn times in Aura Kingdom DB
    • If a world boss is killed, its spawn time won't be the same as the one written in the DB (refer to above)

    Which world boss are you guys referring to?

    • We're referring to the bosses that spawns in Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg (and we normally refer to them as "goats")
    • This WB team will not take note, deal with or lead any of the mini bosses (Mac, Bansky, Mordecai, Daphne) or the huge bosses (Elbiolo, Kalishia, Mechium, Abenthy, Keres)

    Where do I go to attend the raid?

    • Follow the Olympus WB Sheet and check the "WB Start" cell
    • As written above, "V1" corresponds to Vulture's Vale Channel 1, etc.
    • The location where the boss will spawn is at the follow coordinates:
      • Vulture's Vale - X: 161, Y: 784 for Banoleth
      • Blizzard Berg - X: 264, Y: 88 for Bisolen

    At what time do I go for the raid?

    What are the rewards?

    • The reward is a Battlefront Merit Chest which contains the following:


    • You don't get all of it though but the whole point of it is for getting Loyalty Points

    Any tips for newbies attending goats?

    • You must have access to Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg maps in order to participate
    • Always be attentive to region chat to see which channel will be shouted next
    • Get your channel switching interface ready always
      • Click the gear on the lower right > Switch channels
    • Partying with randoms or your friends can help you or them relay the next channel
    • Follow what the leaders say in region chat
    • To go to Blizzard Berg's boss location faster, go through the Meriland Outpost portal and run:


    That's it for now. Any questions or maybe additional things that I can add will be added later.


    Credits: AKDB & The Olympus WB Team