PM Bardock - Goodbye letter

  • Dear Envoys of Gaia,

    Today I have to communicate that after 5 years in Aeria Games and 2 years working on this amazing project that is Aura Kingdom… it is time to take my space ball and go to a new planet.

    These two years have been amazing with all of you. I feel privileged to have been the Product Manager of this incredible game. Working with an incredible team for incredible players. It was not just a job; it has been a reason of joy on many occasions - also of some headaches too ^^ but what is life without those? :AK1:

    During this period, we have achieved many things together and I am glad to have been part of the still current success of Aura Kingdom. Some decisions have been more certain, some others were perceived more unfortunate from your side, but in all this time, I cared the most about this game and about the player experience. Every time I had to take a decision, I was always having you, the player, in mind!

    Now new challenges approach me in my professional and personal life, but I will always remember Aura Kingdom where all the magic started!

    So, you AK community, keep being amazing and keep making this game the best Free Anime MMORPG ever!

    Aaand for you to remember me, there is a new Paragon with the word BARDOCK on it ^^. Those letters are purely decorative and with low rates… but if you are very lucky and get one of them… you can request a GM Wish!

    Aaaaaaaand also a 50% EXP boost is active until Monday 5th of August!!

    Enjoy and thank you for everything!!


    Your PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom


  • Guy lasted way too long

    Past PM's like Belgron, Eibilo and Myzzrim were kinder to players they will be missed I can't say the same about you

    The only thing I'll remember you is removing transfer scrolls screwing everyone by pure greediness because you couldn't think of a more creative for whales to spend money but just rehash Fort Insanity over and over


  • We may have not interacted much but actually great to have worked with you in the background. We'll miss you but I hope your journey gets better! As they say, "when one door closes, another opens".

    And I just have to leave this here:


    Good luck ahead and come visit us from time to time cat5